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By: Sadistic Chibi

-Kim Nguyen
-12th grade
-California,USA (Rosemead,CA)
-Horrible past
-Loves Anime,Manga
-Osu player name Eun-Fox
-Loves RWBY
-Loves RubyxRen <3


"I'm proud of the time we will always have a special place in my heart...and I don't hate you, but we hurt each other too much..." From Ex Best Friend and Secret Crush...

This is a message to him even if he
doesn't play Gaia...I love you...I truly do...We
are both at fault for hurting each other AND to
our other best friend in the group...Yes we are separated
yes u MADE the choice to not stay friends anymore and not
giving it another go due to my unstable emotions...and cause u gave up
But what can I do? I try hard to change for you and for myself I really did...But i didn't try hard enough...
I also will cherish the times we both had..the hugs,kisses,the I love you's...You will always have a place in my heart...ALWAYS AND FOREVER...Bye
and thank you for the 3 yrs we've been
best friends
Ended: 7/27/14 -Kim Nguyen