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Just a place to stash artwork, gifs, my own personal creations, and things of the like.


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Nope go ahead and PM me hun.

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Till I get in trouble sweatdrop
The Midnight Mistress

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The Midnight Mistress

I will be barely online for more than 5 - 10 min because I am underway lately. :/
And I am moving to Japan soon

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thanks! gaia_kittenstar

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that's okay!
I'm gonna change avis soon to something lavender!
thank you so much though!!
you're so sweet. heart
Tyrone Roderick

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Tyrone Roderick

(( *covers face* Why thank you o//u//o
Oh god, definitely. That's a looot of stuff to accumulate, especially the forgery business. Tyrone would have a lot to say about that.

Tyrone: Of course. If you give me reason to believe that you're a kid, then I'll continue to call you a kid. And there's a limit to self-defense.


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I still don't have internet at home so hopefully I can go steal some wifi so we can talk tonight. I get off from work around 6 my time.
Tyrone Roderick

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Tyrone Roderick

(( Hehehe. I try my best. 8'D
And cool, nice rebels. Those are one of my favorite type of characters. Tyrone would probably understand, but would still have to scold them. Right, Tyrone?
Tyrone: Yeah. You guys are still just kids, after all. ))
Anonymous Black Lace

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Anonymous Black Lace

Levi paused mid step and raised an eyebrow slowly. Most people didn't wander Durem's back alleys Well-- those who weren't part of the night life.
He shifted his gaze upwards as a slender figure dropped down from their perch and slunk towards him. His smokey grey eyes washed over their frame, taking in the small details first.
Gender didn't matter at this point, no. Very few delighted in using the term 'fallen' in reference to him. An angel fallen from grace, a king from his throne.
Plummeted, as if he didn't spend most of his time on his knees anyway. His tongue slid across his top lip subconsciously.
Probably a s**t wrecker with roots in Aekea, that's where most of the raves were anyway. But Xplicit? This kid liked to play with the big boys, huh?

He stood still,clutching his bag of-- purchases.. close to his chest and allowed himself to be sized up. Circled like prey being toyed with. This was nothing new.
Taunted, scoffed at, he rolled his eyes remembering the various insult that were hurled his way when he first started down the road of debauchery.
Had that all only been four years ago..? The s**t eating grin that was practically his resting face only grew wider. Domestic? Oh. That was sweet. That was darling.
Whoever this person was they were good. Damn good.

Ah. But that.. that.
For a split second his eyes narrowed. He could feel a low growl at the edge of his mouth.
He composed himself a second later, still smiling, still oozing narcissistic confidence. What a p***k.
“Awh. Sorry, darlin' I think your first mistake was classing me as a hero. I'm an a*****e, plain and simple.”
He gave a light nod towards their hand. “Nice taste in vodka though. Smooth isn't it?”
He finally set down his paper sack that had been crinkling in protest in his arms. Black leather peeked over the edge.
He stretched his arms over his head and arched his back into the gesture lightly.
“You're right though, on multiple accounts. I am gorgeous, ******** stunning.”
He pulled at the bottom hem of his shirt. ”It's nice right?
Should have slept with Edmund years ago, I mean Louie is a catch, but-- he never sent me clothes.”

He gave a slight tsk with his tongue before grinning. ”Working at a library is tragic? Shame on you.
Someone hasn't learned the joy of clinging to bookshelves while biting back sounds so the patrons don't hear.
I could show you some time. And besides, I like it.
One thing you are wrong about though, sweetness. I would never consider myself too good for downtown.
The filth of this city raised me. I taught those girls on the poles myself and I'll kick the s**t out of anyone who says otherwise.
Marriage though.. That one surprised me. Didn't think I'd try it again..”

He frowned thoughtfully then glanced up, beaming from ear to ear. ”But gods you should see her, I mean. [********]

He laughed aloud picking up the bag once more.
”You can thank her for this chance run in with your spurned hero. Glad you used to appreciate my work, though.
The newer stuff is a little more exclusive. I could show you if you asked nice, though.”

He smirked, tossing his bangs from his eyes and adjusted his glasses.
”So. Who do I have to thank for this attempt at a verbal assault?
I'd like to teach you better things you could be doing with that tongue of yours.”

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*pokes at* uwu


Call me Royale. ♔
22/Pansexual/In Love/Does Art/Genderqueer/a*****e.
I like to roleplay with people who aren't brain-dead illiterate slobs.
You can usually find me in the CB, AF, or WG.

Hardly ever on this trashbin these days.