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Hi I'm TM and I'm magi trash.
About me:Wanting to talk to ppl but being to shy to approach them, then being approached by them but being too shy to reply. The struggle.

I'm not even joking about this guys. Sometimes I reply quick while other times slowly but in most occassions I'm panicking about the whole thing because I'm shy af
Likes//// Magi Ships/// Level 10 Alchemist

Nicknames I have are:
TM, Rest-chan, Aladdin, Kar, dork, nerd, egg-chan(I'm staring @ u senpai <A<), Lori ++others I probably can't even remember.
Bold are preffered.

Talk to me before adding me.
Otherwise chances are I WILL decline your request.(LOL I likely won't keep this up but I'll try.((I feel bad rejecting omfg)))
Unless I know you then I'll accept.

3DS FC:3368-3400-2994
Safari Type: Dragon

Doki Senpai is my Senpai who I will one day push off some stairs

Watashi ga Motete Dousunda
Sinbad no Bouken
Shaman King Flowers

I like collecting alchemy stuff
Specially things for backwings like Demonfly & Great Monarch
Hoping to craft all 6 backwings one day!
This whole thing is still U/C for who knows how long.

Main account starting 12/14/14
I have a lot of mules to save some of my cosplays on uvu
(Though I'm not really active on those.)

I'm slow at adding people. //cries

12/20/14:I'll be sending Christmas gifts around the 24th guys! ; u ;



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<-What do you mean these two aren't married yet?->

Doki Senpai is my Senpai

Questing: Ditzy Adorkable Bea

3DS FC: 3368-3400-2994
Dragon Type Safari

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