Welcome to my horror show of a profile. Im a blonde girl who has nothing better to do then chat with people on a website! Im honestly just here for friends. over the years ive noticed that i like women a whole lot better than men, but i dunno what the hell i like... guess im bi, ugh.... Ive been on the site for a few years now and its grown alot... still things i liked about the old ways, but its still great! God, i bore myself... enough of the truth... Now for the next act!


You know the things i dislike, like the sky being blue or water being wet. Im kidding. I dont do sexual stuffs online! its weird and childish! I absolutely hate huge crowds of people. What i really dislike is self harm, even if its just text on a screen... dont do it peeps. Now for the minor stuff.... i dont like complete jerks who have to put other people down to make their egos bigger. Dont like animal abuse, Dont like child abuse, Dont like spoon abuse, Dont like... errr, maybe i should move on... Next!


I dont know, i like... dirt, its.... dirty. Im kidding... AGAIN! Dont you love that i can kid around? No? Oh... well.... i like the color orange and i like Halloween... no, i loooove Halloween <3. Im into circus people, they're freaky. I like turtles... yes like that youtube video. I like to say, "My name Jeff." at the weirdest times. I like cacti because, cacti aint no b***h... Im done.... XD

Did you enjoy the show? No? Pfft, keep moving then, i dont need your sass. Dont forget to PM me if you wanna be friends! smilies/icon_biggrin.gif

click the word "truth" dummy. ^


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 Mademoiselle Skella