A long arse Essay about who i am x3

Well Da'hello der fello stalker ;]
my name is Erin Jasmine Barker.
Just to clarify "Erin" is not a male's name. "Erin" is the female version of the name "Aaron". so don't come to me with a bunch of bullshiet saying my name is a guys name ok? k. glad we have an understanding.
My name stands for "adventurous" and "loves to go on journeys" which totally describes me because i want every day to feel like a new adventure. the color it stands for is a kind of Emerald green color, with a certain glow to it.
I am currently 14 years of age. My grade is classified. you don't need to know all that shiet. you should be glad i even gave you my age, to be thankful. for a 14 year old though, people think i am a lot older because of my appearance, height, adult knowledge, and the way i talk( i curse like a sailor xD) but to answer your personal questions i will not show my face over the internet unless i am ready to.
my height is either 5"8 or 5"9
I am indeed an Ares. ikr thats sexy af, my sign is a freaking goat dats nasty e.e and my birthstone is a Diamond <3333 I'm that awesome ik ik :3 -clap clap-
and my sexuality is Bisexual <3 woman and men are sexy, cmon now :3

now that you know that part about myself, here is some things about my personality :3
i FAWKING LOVE TO DRAW!!!! when i get "of age" i will travel to japan to animate something i like(excuse me) LOVE: Anime. i am totally obsessed with anime. anime and drawing are some of my top conversations. especially about my personal favorite, High School DxD. i would love to also do manga(comics) but first i have to go on a step by step basis which is: learning Japanese, getting better in my drawing abilities, and studying hard in geometry Dx i fawning hate school. and math. i will murder the person who invented math >:U but i am good at Chibi avi art better than full body because full body is pretty hard. i am a slow arse drawer. a couple drawing can take me two days if its a chibi couple art, and if its full body experience it will take me about a month D; but yeah any more questions about art stuff, PM me about it xD

hmm so lets see, stuff to describe myself as... well i am: funny, caring, an avocet for others, oblivious, fawking insane WHEN I NEED TO BE( dunt judge me ._.), loving, athletic, artistic, and in some strange way i consider myself beautiful. not in appearance(because i know that shiet aint true xD) but my soul, my mind, and my spirit is so beautiful. and sometimes confusing xD.
My favorite colors are:Green, Blue, and Red. Black is a nonexistent color. black is the absence of color. but i wear it with those 3 particular colors anyway.
My favorite shoes are Nikes, Jordans, Vans OFF THE WALL ONLY!!, and converse <3 i love boyish cloths. yes i am a Otokomasari. or Otoko nonna. however you say it in japanese, it still means Tomboy ok? i love snapbacks. i love jewelry. and if you ever get lucky and see me, i always have braids as my hairstyle :3

lets talk about things, friendship wise.

i don't give a flying fadoodle about if you like me or not, if you are my friend, family, or enemy. if you are hurt. or in a bad situation, even if someone was to be bothering you or making you feel uncomfortable, come to me. i will be there to comfort you, give you advice, and be there for you. if you need advice from me, i will give it to you.
but lets get one thing straight on the advice thing. i will tell you how i feel about the situation wether you like it or not, because you came to ME about it. I am not one of those fake, ignorant, bitches who are there just to get in your business and not do anything. if I'm giving you advice, or if you ask me about something, or how i feel about a certain situation you are in, i will tell you if you did something wrong, or if something happened in that situation that you may not want to hear. i am not your friend to be fake and tell you its gonna be alright, because its not. its life. there are gonna be some sharp roads and some smooth ones. depends on what lane you are driving in. i am not your friend to tell you that you are right ALL THE DAMN TIME because bietch you are not right all the damn time. i am your friend to tell you the truth. i am your friend to keep things real between us. to have a different perspective on things. to express sympathy and empathy. i will not always be there to make you feel good. but i will be there to lead you to a right path, and make you look at your situation, or the world, in a different way.

now, lets talk about my friends SHALL WE ;D who goes first? my friends irl.

My best friend in the whole universe, is Angela Langi.
Angela Langi( i also call her Angie, Big Sis, and Asia(from Highschool DxD) because of the size of her breasts xD but its ok because she nicknames me RIAS AND AKENO because of the size of my breasts but i call her Xenovia so we are even af >:C
Angela is Tongan. she has so much Tongan pride. she is a very good artist especially at tongan patterns. SHE MAKES THE BEST OTAI IN THE WORLD. otai is a tongan drink with lots of fruit in it like coconuts, watermelon,sugar,pineapples, all kinds of good stuff. but anyway, she is the best person you will ever meet. and if you choose to date her, don't act like you are ******** irreplaceable because she will have another boyfriend by the next day TRUST ME! Angela, is almost ******** 6 feet tall. she thinks she black wen she nawt e.e xD she is extremely smart but don't mess with her because angela with beat your mutha ferckin arse. A TONGAN IN GENERAL WILL BEAT YOUR MOTHER FERKIN ARSE. ok that was a little extreme but you get my point. angela is sweet. and she's modest.we have been through a lot of s**t together. i go to her for advice all the time. she is also bisexual and has had more girlfriends than me >:U dats how much of a player she is. i luh you sis, keep doing what you're doing :3

My next friend is Eron Brewer.
Eron can sometimes be a complete jackass. but he is me and Angela's complete jackass xD Eron is also biselxual, but he is a man whore to the fullest AND HAS ADMITTED IT! he has played 4 to 5 people. that means boys and girls he has dated at the same damn time. i salute Eron. you are a true player my dear friend. me and eron have a connection. and i mean that real brother and sister connection. me and him would roast on each other, but i trust him with a lot of s**t.i also come to him for advice and he gives the best advice ESPECIALLY ON RELATIONSHIPS. we are like the best black people duo ever xD. we almost agree on everything xD Eron thinks that anime, is for CHILDREN >;L i smacked him for dat shiet oo noo. you don't talk shirt about anime in front of ME >:C Eron plays too much, and that is when he can kinda come off as a jackass >.< but he is 10 times awesome xD and don't look at him or speak to him any ol kind of way, because the dude is 6 feet and he will beat yo arse xD but all jokes aside he's a great guy with a great personality and if you mess with us we will go ghetto shaniqua bonqueesha watermelondraya on you LOL

Ahh look who we have here. Hailey King.
Hailey is short. she is "Team Light Skinned" -cough-(sike) but yeah she's light skinned, has light brown hair, and light brown eyes. but she has some bad things about her. actually a lot of bad things about her to be honest. but i am only gonna state a few flaws. Hailey is: loud, rude, confusing, "ratchet" as kids call it these days xD, mean, stubborn, and short tempered(even though she doesn't want to admit it).
but there are some good things about her too. Hailey is funny, kind, always thinks about you, she is like an adorable puppy, she will face anybody for you, and has a huge BA-DONK A DONK. lol "ba-donk a donk" i really need to stop xDD. Hailey is a very nice person, and we joke around with each other a lot. our fake arguments are priceless. Me: "Hey Big Booty Judy." Hailey: "shut da fawk up erin you have the biggest booty on campus." Me: "your a** looks like James and the Giant Peach." Hailey: "your tits look like huge soccer balls." Me: "Your a** has its own gravitational pull." Hailey: cake booty. LOL LOL LOL LOL our convos go all day >:L the bottom line is, she is a sweet person, who has a big butt, and its yellow as ******** LOL i love you Hailey smilies/icon_smile.gif


First up, Chibi Churi

Chibi Churi is my role model. she is the first person i met on gaia other than my gaia dad. she has MAD ARTISTIC SKILLS. she is awesome at art, and anime. she is kind, funny, and she will treat you like you are family( yeah. thats how fawkin sweet she is.) she will be there for you, and she will TRY to give you advice. she will do avi art for you, but yu gotta pay because she has MAD NINJA ART SKILLS. i remember one time, me and her were planning when we were gonna go to Japan and Animate some s**t,and how we were gonna be roommates and draw and eat ramen xDD. i love her with all my heart. she taught me how to draw chibis tbh. SHE INTRODUCED ME TO CHIBIS. chibis is the only thing i can really draw at the moment to be honest ;w ; she is also pretty :3 YA HERE THAT CHIBI. YOU ARE SEXY AF! TAKE IT! ILY DOE <3 she known me since i was 11. damn xD


I've known Alex since i was like, idk 11 or 12 xD and he was like, 14 or 15 xD when i met him, he had a big a** bottle on his back with blue a** jambes with ugly a** gloves, sparkles, and cheep a** KIKI SLIPPERS. he was very nice and as time went by, we have became the closest. he is one of my favorite friends that i hang out with on a day to day basis. he is nice, caring, and most of all, HES A PERVERT. and thinks he is sexier than me, when unfortunately HES NAWT xD i am MORE of a pervert than he will ever be[ heh heh I'm lying xD]. me and him have the funniest arguments ever. any time i see him, something about him light up and there is a room full of happiness, and lots of laughter. He always has awesome avis, and has a great personality that would make you melt. its "to die for" xD. and to be honest, he is a little sexy xD He says people think he's feminine but I'm just like PFFT DATS BULL SHIET xD he is also oblivious -.- which irritates the ******** out of me, but i accept it because i care. to be honest, he's the only person i go with my problems, and deepest secrets. he is someone i can really trust, and that won't screw me over. i can really call him a true, best, close friend(besides Lizza but we will get to her later xD). he will be there for you through thick and thin. and don't let his appearance fool you, because he will beat your a** xD and i will beat your a** to if you even think about starting s**t >:c i will repeat the words and phrases to describe Alex: sweet. spontaneous. caring. a little... well yknow xD. trust worthy. hilarious, masculine, oblivious, friendly, handsome, and most of all... a one of a kind.
P.S.: he also thinks his a** is too firm and big. "I checked. Right size. Keep up the good work Alex"


Caleb is a supreme fegget. he is rude, disrespectful, has no balls, looks like a ******** roach, thinks he's "Team Light Skin" when he's "Team Burnt Crisp" he has no ******** hairline. his teeth look like ******** doorways that i can just walk through. he wears hair weaves. and i mean that DEEP HORSE MY LITTLE PONY weaves. he has gray hairs on his v****a that look like a foggy George of the Jungle. LOL JK!!!!!!! LOLOLOL!!!
ok first of all: that was all a fawking joke xDD second of all: Caleb is a awesome motherferker ok. yes i believe caleb is light skinned. caleb is a florida boy.[i like florida boys. ask Elvis xDD] aside from all that caleb is a sweet guy. he has an awesome personality, and he can make you laugh your a** off. we roast on each other all the time. and the people around us scream "LOL". Caleb is epic in many ways. even though he is bad with the ladies, and has the WORST taste in women, he can Impress you within 5 minutes of his time. but don't mess with him, because... he can't beat your a** because he is scrawny as hell, but he will annoy the living shiet out of you xD he called a girl tranny so many times that she was calling him a bigot. and me for some reason. but its ok because when i stepped the ******** in i made her log off and shut her 1985 computer down xD i defend caleb all the time because caleb is worth fighting for. and when you say something thats confusing he's like "lol wtf o-O" and when you insult him hell be like "asdfghjk stfuuuu" he has the funniest stories, and in a way, he will make you feel like the best person on earth. he is the reason i have so many best friends because if it wasn't for him, i wouldn't of met Anna, Tom, Krystal, and Irish. so if ya want to meet him just look to see if someone in Virtual Hollywood says "asdfghjkl stfuuu feg" xD

Really Tom, Really?
Tom is... awkward. lol nam jk tom is awesome. he is my second friends that that i met after caleb. Tom used to be a pervert tbh. but he wasn't like a sexy pervert, he was like a irritating kind of pervert. like the pervert you would want to punch in the face. but as time went by, he has been one of the MOST AWESOMEST PEOPLE IVE MET IN MY TOM 3 AWESOME PEOPLE. and caleb is not on that list xD caleb is awesome, but not that awesome xD. if tom tells you to stfu, he's just kidding. hell make you stfu by saying something mean or like just not talking to yo a** because he's Tom. Tom will literally say he doesn't like you, or do something to hurt you if you deserve it, and not give a ********. like if you date Tom[which you can't because he's dating my friend anna] and he breaks up with you, he won't give a ********. i mean he well give a ******** but like not really. he will give like 1/8th of a ******** how awesome tom is. tom reminds me of Sesshomaru from Inuyasha. tom your awesome. keep doing what you're doing.

anna omfg <3 i love anna so much dude. ana is like, one of my best friends in the whole wide world. i love her to death. she means so much to me you guys don't even understand <3 anytime i see her i like wanna hug her so tight SHE EXPLODES! and i wanna like do perverted things to her hehehehehehe >:3 anna makes me so happy, i go to her when someone is bothering me, i can be truthful to her, and i am not afraid to say how i feel around her. ME AND ANNA ARE ALMOST THE SAME. in personality. anna doesn't really know anime, so lets like kick that out the ferking picture xD but like knowledge wise and like reallty, we are the same. we are similar in style and stuff. i share everything with her i really do. i can trust her with a lot of s**t xD she's also funny. very funny. some of the things she says make me wanna crack the ******** up xD. the thing i hate is, everyone wanna mess with anna. like beatch can you not? anna is a sweet, kind, and nice person. she wouldn't do anything to ******** make you posed of unless you annoy the ******** out of her. if you mess with anna OR ANY OF MY FRIENDS OF THAT MATTER, I'm ping you a ******** hate letter and I'm coming for your BOOTY MEAT, GEORGE BUSH LOOKIN a** AND GONNA SLAP YOU INTO ANOTHER NATIONALITY! I've known anna for so long so i am emotionally attached to her ;w ; the last thing i need to do is loose her because of some bucktooth having, stank v****a smelling, camel toe looking, fawcktarded freakazoid who has nothing better to do than be fat, eatin chicken and donuts, while scratching their dry a** stank booty while looking at telly tubbies.... then they smell they hand like ew wtf. but Anna, baby, i got your back no matter what ok? ily <3 "just hold on we're going home" ~quote from that salad dressing looking motherfawker, Drake xD


Mademoiselle Erin


Birthday: 04/11

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