Name: Mademoiselle Alvinette, but you can call me Alvinette, Alvy, Alv, etc.
Age: 30...I don't know whether to smile or cry!
Occupation: Recent MA grad; working for retail while looking for a more permanent job
Orientation: Straight
Location: My own little world, but it's okay; they know me here. mrgreen
Likes: Well, as you can probably tell by my username and my profile layout, I am a major Alvin and the Chipmunks fan (and have been all my life)! xd I also like spy novels; mystery novels; the occasional romance novel; classics; dogs; plushies; the beach; cold weather; knitting; sewing; scrapbooking; friendly, informal RPs; being lazy...the list goes on and on.
Dislikes: Arguments/fights; bullies; snobbery; the fact that I'm allergic to cats; the horrible hot, humid summer weather where I live (the only time I tolerate it is when I go to the beach); scary stuff (I don't do horror movies. AT ALL.);

Some really BIG dislikes: wahmbulance VAGUEBOOKING, PASSIVE-AGGRESSIVE BEHAVIOR OF ANY STRIPE, MANIPULATORS, RUDENESS wahmbulance Please don't pull any of this stuff with me; it usually has the OPPOSITE of its intended effect! IT WILL ONLY EARN YOU A SPOT ON MY IGNORE LIST, ESPECIALLY!!!!!!!!!!! IF YOU KEEP IT UP AND REFUSE TO LEARN!!! EMOTIONAL BLACKMAIL IS ABUSE, AND I REFUSE TO LISTEN TO IT. /rant Seriously. Do NOT!!!!!!!!! try ANY of this stuff with me if you want me to listen to you. I HATE this behavior, especially when friends and family try it! classified_fu

Back to our regularly scheduled programming...

Favorite colors: Red, black (if you count black as a color), bright blue
Other random bits of information about me: I'm a Christian (though probably not a very good one ( sweatdrop ); I love to travel but don't get to do much of it; I'm learning to sew; I love to play Super Mario Brothers on the GameBoy Color and Professor Layton and the Curious Village on the DS; I've finally started playing Pokemon Leaf Green (yeah, at age 27--first time ever playing Pokemon! whee ); I'm a Word Games forum regular heart ; I love RPing; I'm a bit high-maintenance; and I babble. A lot!

Also, I don't accept friend requests from people I've never talked to before, but I'll happily friend anyone I've gotten to talk to.


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Shadow Belmonte

Report | 05/28/2017 5:50 pm

Shadow Belmonte

*continued. yay I broke the comments box like a little troublemaker emotion_awesome

I'm not sure what eyelids I have, now that you mention it, I should look into that sometime and find out, but looks like possibly hooded.
Just recently, I've discovered that I have heterochromia of the eye and hair, and I was like, "Well that makes perfect sense for those."
I watched a YouTube tutorial for learning to do cat eye, and nailed it on the first attempt - beginner's luck, or maybe just because I'm used to drawing with pencils. XD
One thing I know though, I can't do makeup for others.
Every single time, without fail, if someone asks me to help them with their makeup, I have uncontrollable giggle fits.
Uncontrollable giggle fits + the person telling me to stop = even more giggle fits. x-x'
Buy when things are cheap, always a yes. emotion_awesome

*puts Captain on you as well*
Ohana~! heart
Shadow Belmonte

Report | 05/28/2017 5:49 pm

Shadow Belmonte

Wow, terrible that the father left you in charge of two sick children - as a parent, I wouldn't have allowed that, because what if it got bad enough to require hospitalization?  :0a0:

No doubt you didn't want to do that a second time.
It's a wonder how the kids felt about it, they're usually more clingy for their parents when they're sick.

Yep, plastic hands were slapping twisty plastic heads and rubbery feet were stomping plastic bodies into the carpet, it was a madhouse in them catfights. :rofl:
Do you mean creepy-crawlies as in fake bugs, or real ones? (Because I did both, as surprising as that is. Pretty bug-phobic these days though.) x-x

Your pooty 'run for your life' situation sounds hilarious! :rofl:
I was the little kid who didn't want to share with others, and when playtime with toys ended, I wanted to keep playing.
So much for that 'it's so commonplace' thing about me - who needs rules when you're a natural born troublemaker? :awesome:
I farted at a girl in 5th grade - that was hilarious - but she happened to be THE school bully.
Some heavyset girl that towered above everyone else, always in a mood and easily provoked.
One day I just lean over to grab my books from my desk, and whoops, I played musical chairs at the number one enemy. x-x
For some reason after that incident, she didn't want to try beating me up anymore, but that was probably because she was afraid I was still loaded. :rofl:
My family just says, "Hear that bullfrog?" or "I stepped / sat on a bullfrog."
"Fire in the hole" is just hilarious though. XD

Ah, yeah, them pain in the butt Legos-knockoff that you'd try to mash together to fit, but when you tried to take them apart it was like superglue. x-x
Those were the enemy, I'd be frantically scratching and pulling and biting at those things and almost entirely never win in the struggle. :facepalm:

Lolita!!! :heart:u :heart:
Sadly no one in this town dresses in any type of Lolita fashion, they all dress the same, so there's basically no one's fashion to drool over.
It's all basic tees and tights for girls, sagging pants and basic tees for guys.
I'm not highly into the hipster guy look, but I'd even settle for that because it's different from everyone else's fashion. :emo:
My fashion is basically whatever is in my closet, and some of it's been around since the 90's so it's not like I can make a mistake on dressing up like it is still the 90's. :lol:
Lolita + Punk + Goth + Steampunk + others = :drool:

I always liked looking at pinup and retro photos in ads for the war, they always felt awe-inspiring to me.
Plus you're right, it is sophisticated - I couldn't imagine trying to get my hair to get curls like that.
I'd need to hire a lion tamer with a heart of diamond to tackle my stubborn hair. XD

Female Winter Soldier would be awesome!~
I've almost always done The Crow as my own outfit, even dyed my hair for it each time.
Unfortunately I'm down a guitar and my jacket's vinyl sides ripped. :emo:

Yeah, the girl is gross, and that's putting it in the politest term. x-x'
She basically tells everyone at work how big of a skank she is, and it's weird because she's proud of it.
It's probably why I get the 'mistress of the night' vibes from her when she uses smoky eye shadow. :rofl:
I don't wear dresses, skirts, or push-up bras (basically flat anyways and people think I'm a guy until I talk.) :sweat:
There's a difference between classy dresses and distasteful dresses though.
When a little black dress leaves little to the imagination - well, I was glad the managers told her to go home and change clothing, because it was hardly work appropriate, and there is no emote to show I was dying a slow and painful death. This will have to do. :puke:

I'm not sure what eyelids I have, now that you mention it, I should look into that sometime and find out, but looks like possibly hooded.
Just recently, I've discovered that I have heterochromia of the eye and
Shadow Belmonte

Report | 05/28/2017 4:15 pm

Shadow Belmonte

Psh, people can't even pay me to babysit anymore, and if anyone asks, they get met with a stiff 'No' that will never change.

Yeah, I basically was a little Calvin, which was probably why I was so easily hooked on the comics, when I discovered them when I was 16. lol
Grossing kids out, showing off my awesome frogs, making parents call me a weird child - oh, yeah~ emotion_dealwithit
Aw, too bad I couldn't have played school with you, I bet it'd have been great.
I never taught my stuffed animals, and I never made them my audience, and now that I think about it, I wonder why that is. @o@
I could have pretended to be a fashion model, or a singer - how did I pass up these prime opportunities? emotion_0A0
My Barbies didn't do grocery shopping because they didn't have that in their world. XD
But they really would get into Jerry Springer-esque cat fights.
Barbie 1: "Gurl oh no you di'n't sleep with mah man."
Barbie 2: "YOUR man? But I'm the one wearing his wedding ring!"
Barbie 3: *enters the room* "I've got two children with him already, and we own a horse ranch on the end of town!"
(cue dramatic music and a zoom-in of Ken's face. No wonder that guy was so darn smug-looking.) emotion_0A0

That Lego kingdom was epic, but I'd hate to imagine the cost of buying all those Legos since the prices have gone up so much.
The other day I walked into a store, looked at a single small Lego set - I put the box down and quickly walked away.
That was enough for me, just touching the box was all it took for me to consider never buying any now.
I remember Mega Bloks.
So large that when you buy at least three sets, you still never have enough to make anything but a sturdy wall. lol

Sorry if I have offended you by my feelings of this makeup.
I do like cat eye and thick liner myself (guys and girls alike - yes, Greenday was one of them, I admit) but I am the strange person that doesn't like when things are commonplace.
If one person does it, everyone else does it.
When everyone wears tights, I wear super-wide pants; when people dress up fancy, I dress up trashy.
It's nothing against anyone - people can look downright sexy and jaw-dropping galore with this stuff, but I don't wear makeup myself, so why go by my word on anything.
I'm just an outside-the-normal.
I gave myself cateye and thick eyeliner one year for Halloween, but I gave it an artistic styling because I wanted mine to be different. lol

But this girl that I referenced doesn't make it look good.
She basically wears low-cut tops with push-up bras or button-ups that she likes to unbutton 'accidentally' in front of men (and she has a boyfriend) and once, she tried to get revenge on her coworker-boyfriend by wearing a deep-plunging dress that nearly dropped her girls and was almost up to her bottom, and she tried to use me in her get-even plans against him by trying to one-up him.
Maybe it's also a bit of negative association, because someone I don't really care for ruins something for me, it makes me think of them.
Psychology why must you be weird with my brain for. x-x

*looks up Victory Rolls*
So that's what that style is called, I never knew.
The girls with eyeliner in those pictures, I think it looks great. emotion_kirakira
You get a pass, great combination. emotion_yatta

Oh god your comment about the Winter Soldier was too hilarious, I busted out laughing! rofl
That's like, when you buy a box of eyeshadow and it gets shaken up, you try to take a peek and it explodes in your face. XD
Again, never wear makeup (except Halloween, but rarely) so I wouldn't have a clue.
I think smoky eye is hardest to pull off, like you say.
Now I'm going to be thinking of the Winter Soldier every time. rofl

Yay, wonderful family~! emotion_kirakira
*clings to you*
You can never shake me off from this glomp, never!
Gumshoe Kid

Report | 05/25/2017 5:40 pm

Gumshoe Kid

The case of the missing laptop razz
Gumshoe Kid

Report | 05/25/2017 7:38 am

Gumshoe Kid

We are on the case dun dun duuuuun
Shadow Belmonte

Report | 05/24/2017 4:36 pm

Shadow Belmonte

When I had to babysit, the woman wouldn't pay up.
She kept saying, 'pay you later' and when I confronted her about never paying, she'd say the same thing.
Finally I said no more without being paid every penny (she owed me over $200+ altogether) and she said she'd write me a check.
I told her not until I got every cent in my hand - so she dumped the kids off onto my mom.
So when my mom realized she was being used, she told the woman never again, and she quit coming around.
Hm, I never did mind story reading, but I tend to lose my voice quickly when reading aloud, same as singing. neutral

Now that you compare me to Calvin and Hobbes, I realize how right you are.
I've always loved them two, and that's exactly the way I was as a kid!
A cardboard box was a spaceship, and outside of the window was snowflakes, but I pretended I was flying through an asteroid belt. rofl
I used plexiglass as a sled - until I was running through the snow, didn't see my invisible sled, slipped, basically took myself out in the middle of the yard and no one saw what did it. XD
I would also play teacher!
Unfortunately my young in-law cousins realized I was actually trying to educate them and they didn't go for it. rofl
I didn't really have baby dolls, but I did have Barbies, but - sometimes they were hapless victims on railroad tracks needing a hero Ken doll on a white horse, so I guess that's close enough to cops 'n' robbers? XD
Usually I would cut off Barbies' hair though, wanted to be a hair stylist... 99% of the time, it was so horrible, I had to shave Barbies bald and people wondered why Barbie wanted to get a hair job done with what looked like a hatchet. rofl
Never had Lego figures, always did want them though. emotion_0A0
I wanted the Lego kingdom that one of my childhood friends had - their family collected every Lego set, and their father created a large table just for them to cover with Lego 'towns' and it had storage drawers, to pull out the tons of Legos inside.

I agree with you - older country or no country at all.
Though I don't know what kinds my grandpa would have listened to, I barely got to see him when I was a kid.
So it's mainly 90's country I'm fondest of.

I like the 40's hairstyles (especially longer styles) and the 50's were good for shorter hairstyles it seems (I have short hair as well.)
Honestly though - I loved the 80's and 90's - spiked, very big, very colorful. emotion_drool
And male hair bands, oh my god emotion_awesome *tackles that hair*
40's and 50's makeup was amazing - simple, beautiful.
These days it's basic cateye and heavy smokey shadows and thick eyeliner, and... ugh, it reeks desperation and lack of originality. emotion_puke
Just today a coworker wore heavy smokey eyeshadow, and... the first thing that popped into my mind was 'hooker of the night' and I felt so bad because I couldn't stop staring. emotion_facepalm

People of Walmart wouldn't want someone who looks amazing. emotion_dealwithit

Basically, my true family:
My mom, my sister, and my Gaia friends. emotion_kirakira
Gumshoe Kid

Report | 05/24/2017 2:32 pm

Gumshoe Kid

Needed the money at the time
Gumshoe Kid

Report | 05/23/2017 2:02 pm

Gumshoe Kid

I miss my laptop lol
Shadow Belmonte

Report | 05/20/2017 11:35 am

Shadow Belmonte

I've got an older sister (who I was raised with) and two older half-brothers (not raised with.)
There were usually kids in all the neighborhoods I'd ended up in, but I wasn't great at making friends. x-x'
95% of the time, it was something that the other person did that made the friendship end, but whatever - who needs people like that, when there are better ones out there.

I also can't stand the screaming and the messes, but mainly it's the clingy clingy issue.
Kids want to climb on you, hug you constantly, drag you from one area to another, sit on you, and before you know it - other complications arise - either the parents get jealous or suspicious and want to give you the boot, or the kid gets crappy and gives an excuse and the parents give you the boot, or you say or do one little thing and the parents take offense and gives you the boot.
I don't want kids around me clinging on me, and I don't want issues that come from being around kids that think I'm a jungle gym + show-and-tell all-in-one.
Plus, babysitting is a never, been ripped off by that type before. emotion_eyebrow

I didn't have imaginary friends.
Instead, I cut up a cardboard box, drew a town on it - streets, parking lots, buildings - and would place my HotWheels cars all over it, pretending people were going about their lives - when a giant dinosaur suddenly smashes through and ends up in a fight with a monstrously inhuman polar bear, and the army men are on the rooftops trying to shoot down a pterodactyl as it threatens the Polly Pocket citizens. emotion_0A0
(It was nuts but it was great.) emotion_awesome

Hm, I'm not sure I'd know much of the whiny nice guy mush songs.
At my work, they keep having Christian-themed songs crunched into the country music.
That's two topics to start a potential argument between me and a coworker I don't like on a daily basis, so it's stressful, and I don't even like their country music so it's even more stressful to listen to. emotion_facepalm
Yet they got rid of Rhianna, Lady Gaga, Prince - never even play Michael Jackson's songs except when he was a young boy in the family band.
Whoever made these playlists needs to know what good music is.

Normal attire, from what you've seen?
Sounds like someone's checked out the People of Walmart photos. rofl

I agree - the Bible doesn't tell people 'be a floor mat for others to wipe their feet on' but it's something that I hear pretty often which is another reason why I further distance myself from religious associations.
If certain people want to use religion to make any abuse acceptable, then it's time to find someone who actually knows what common sense and religion are.

I'm too different from my family tree, and don't get along with any of them, but it's definitely for the better.
Shadow Belmonte

Report | 05/15/2017 7:01 am

Shadow Belmonte

Sorry for the huge wall of text, by the way. sweatdrop


Thank you Tenkai for Hardboiled Heartbreaker! emotion_kirakira
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