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Report | 06/26/2016 7:56 pm


thank you for buying from my store
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Report | 06/24/2016 4:18 pm

Monday Delirium

Your avatar is brilliant and I LOVE IT.
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Report | 06/10/2016 4:47 pm


Hey there, thanks for buying smile
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Report | 06/02/2016 6:03 pm


It's not the first time I've been in this situation..
He's going to go to college a few hours away anyway, otta try and get over him. Lets just hope he doesn't become some super hot model LOL
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Report | 06/02/2016 5:50 pm


I don't think so because he did say he did like me, but I'm too much of a friend to him (ouch). Plus, his best friend would've told me right? I mean, he tells me all the deals with Sam, and when I asked if Sam liked our friend Andrea (the one his best friend likes) he told me that Sam doesn't like anyone at the moment
I don't want to get sucked back into these feelings because they recently went away too. I had the feels a couple months back and slowly started to go away once my boyfriend and I started dating again (which is a whole nother bs story)
I don't like my situations. I get confused easily.
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Report | 06/01/2016 6:00 pm


It brought back old feelings slightly. I mean, I should have seen it coming, because he confessed in my year book, but at the same time, he also said I'm too much of a friend. So when he said my name, I'm like wait what? There are so many hot girls at this party that I'm sure would love to kiss you.
we were playing truth or dare and someone dared him to kiss alina (someone who he's known for soooooo long. Years) and twas a little peck and it meant nothing, so when he was asked about me, would it have meant something? Or did he mean that the kiss would have meaning behind it? because he did say that "something something I mean, I would with every girl because you're all pretty" but he said me first and then others brought stuff up and idk.
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Report | 06/01/2016 1:30 pm


we were playing truth or dare and someone asked my friend Sam who he would kiss (at our school or drama club i think) and someone said "laura" and im like wait wut? and sams like " yeah no probably Laura." and I'm like "wait HWUT"
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Report | 05/30/2016 11:19 pm


Oi, I feel kinda weird after the party..

but if I go back to college, I would probably take a few extra economic courses so I can find the best way to take care of my money. As for law, I'm still debating it. What I really want to do is be a model and youtuber soo..I know it may never happen, but it's a nice dream.
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Report | 05/30/2016 3:32 pm


I'm alright, I just finished my econ final and OH MY GOD I'm so happy
and last night, I had my law final due last night and there's like a timer on the page that counts down to midnight (when our assignments are due) and I hade two minutes left and I WAS LIKE HOW DO I TURN THIS IN
and I made it with 30 seconds to spare.
how about you?
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Report | 05/29/2016 8:48 pm


your avi is so cute
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Report | 05/29/2016 6:51 pm


your profile is literally me
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Report | 05/05/2016 11:19 pm


thanks for buying 3nodding
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Report | 04/29/2016 1:24 pm


i only have 1 cactus and i never bothered to transfer it because it's so teeny tiny and cutesy
i stunted it's growth!!
but my succulents do rly well with the stuff

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Report | 04/29/2016 1:05 pm


i use miracle grow and water daily before the sun comes up
i think the most important step is loosening the roots when you transfer from the plastic container to a pot smile
i found a worm the other day gonk nasty thing was eating my roots up!!
so gross because all of mine are potted and not in the ground haha
not a fan of insects exclaim
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Report | 04/29/2016 12:40 pm


well my petunias are looking gr8 if we're being honest
and they smell amazing
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Report | 04/29/2016 12:30 pm


omg i could too
when the lady comes by, she always looks around at my flowers and pots
like what are you lookin' for?? there's nothing hiding in there lol
i'mma call her out next time!!!
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Report | 04/29/2016 12:25 pm


I'm so jealous
i wish my apartment allowed me to have all the cats
i want all the cats
maybe they won't notice heart rofl
ColoredxNoodles's avatar

Report | 04/29/2016 12:05 pm


oh my goodness, your pets are super adorable
how many cats u got
looks like you are livin the great, glorious cat life
ColoredxNoodles's avatar

Report | 04/29/2016 11:53 am


Tryin 2 enjoy pics of ur pets but i swear my phone is trolling me with the spoiler buttons lmao

Cool profile
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Report | 03/30/2016 6:10 pm


ty for the tip :heart;
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