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Something I am:
•I've been on this planet for 19 years now.
•I'm a female, and particularly happy about being so for the most part.
•I enjoy drawing and making up stories.
•I can be pretty blunt at times, but I'm not a bad person~ INT(x)
•I'm a walking encyclopaedia.
•I can be rather strange.

Something I'm not:
•I'm not a very religious or spiritual person. Basically, I'm agnostic.
•I have never been in love, in a relationship, or seriously liked anybody.

Likes: (Old) Stories/books, history/facts, music, art, mythology and religion,
metaphors (symbolism), video games, science, proper grammar, quotes

Dislikes: Liars/Stuck-ups/Mean people, art block, being corrected (at least, in a rude way), incorrect grammar, bad health, brain fog

my blog
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My profile used to be really nice but I changed the urls for the links and it got messed up so I just made it plain again.

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