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Report | 06/30/2015 11:47 am


Lol! yeah! XD Luckily the 2nd time it was much farther from death, so. yeah. >w< <3 I was like "this is the first year we've ever had mantises, we can't let one die, that's like.. bad manners omfg"
Awwww I'm so sorry to hear that! ; 3; -clingpets- But you tried! And that's commendable! You didn't just let them stay out there and just die without even trying to do anything. So, bravo for that! ; w; <3333

Heeee~ awwww ;w; You presh bab, you. -pets face- I understand those feels. UnU!
HNNG You could visit that one .. cat city? XD that some guy made. dasdfsfdg for cats.
I think owning some kind of crazy animal would be awesome~ like... some exotic pet. UuUa Like a fox~~~ sklguhsdgkluahdfglsdfg
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Report | 06/26/2015 7:40 am


; w; Thanks~ heart Ayeee 'Just a bug' but hnggg such a pretty bug. * 3* Can't let that gooo~~~ I once saved a praying mantis from near drowning death. lol it was awesome. UuU [then I had to save it again like.. the next night or the night after? XD]

Wooo! I have a ball python. 8D <3 Aaaah~ yeah it's good to not overwhelm yourself with responsibility. 3nodding Wise decision. Cx

Aye, I suppose so~ Eeeee thanks. ;w;! I also got a couple of pictures of this one intersection that's usually really busy, but because of how dense the fog was [idr how bad the visibility was.. Oh apparently it was at zero for like three hours xD], I could make it look like it was totally deserted A wA!! klugbalsddfg There was usually only like.. one or two cars at a time anyways. xP
Eeeee! 8D you shoooould~ * w*!! Hahah, yes I know that feel so much! XD The struggle is real.
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Report | 06/24/2015 1:23 pm


Amazing!! emotion_kirakira
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Report | 06/24/2015 10:59 am


Thanks! I appreciate that.
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Report | 06/24/2015 10:54 am


Yeah, before that I got seeing everything spinning and a difficult breathing... and throwing stuff while raging all the time. (I broke one of my phones because that.)

I'm much better now, but still have a bit of depression and mental breakdowns sometimes.
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Report | 06/24/2015 10:48 am


I can't tell you here.

I think it's also my fault too that I was too ragey and moody to told them, I'm mentally unstable and I need to take pills and visit a hospital regularly.
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Report | 06/24/2015 10:43 am


They spammed in my art thread and tipped my every single post even the post that I chat to other people. (It makes the notices popping up all the time).

I'm a blunt and brutally honest person. So it might be that...
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Report | 06/24/2015 10:36 am


But once I got temporary blocked by a WGer just because I scolded that they acts annoying.

I told that because I'm actually afraid of making someone feel offended.
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Report | 06/24/2015 10:31 am


I don't want to hurt your feeling, but I'll be honest that you are not bad at horror avatar... the one that you are bad is the rugged/gritty/manly and women in practical outfit ones. sweatdrop
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Report | 06/24/2015 10:25 am


It's okay... I'm bad a girly/dainty/sexy avatars either. lol
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Report | 06/24/2015 10:20 am


When? I have a goldfish memory. xd

Your current? I think it's still sexy to me IMO.
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Report | 06/24/2015 8:00 am


I like to think I did; it's better than thinking its life was miserable and it wished it was dead the entire time and I merely prolonged its suffering. O wO ......................

Eeee! do iiittt~~ <3333 Let them has pet snakkeesss flkj sfbgkasdfgbsdfg ;w; <333 Snakes are awesommee. whee heart

Thanks! Those are probs some of the best ones from that walk. Most of the time, I was just snapping pics of the leafless branches in the sky because that spoopy look is just too amazing skddufhklkgdfg XD
It is a very fun little hobby HNNG there is no denying.
OOOoooooo! those pictures are awesome. * 3* <333 I'd have to say my favorite is that middle one * w* <333
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Report | 06/23/2015 9:24 pm


Damn that is fast~ o 3o! Stay cool and hydrated~~~

Here are some pictures I took when I found him~~
Here's how his wing was ******** up User Image

Annnd here's his underside User Image

Hnng I did my best. ; w; Apparently, one site said their lifespan was about 2 weeks, and I had him for like 19 days, so I musta done pretty good; but I bet I coulda done better. ;w;! I'll consider it practice for any future butterflies that might come my way and need help ;w;!

Ah, I see I see~~ That's cool! 8'D I like to take pics with my phone, but it's pretty shitty quality, but it's still fun. hehehe~~
[snake I found in my house]; [1] and [2] pics I took when it was foggy one day here [The only day it's EVER been foggy like this that I can remember; I also took like... over 100 pictures just snapping at everything because I ******** love fog so much] kufghfakdssadfg XD
Do you have any pics uploaded? 8D I'd love to see~~
Hell yeah fall will be great for colors~~ O 3O <33 I hope when the time comes, it'll be awesome and you'll have even more fun! > W<
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Report | 06/23/2015 7:15 am


Ah! Well then, thanks for checking in~~~ -hugs- heart
Yeah, I knowww~ I think some cities might have, but in my area we were 0.02 inches away from taking 2nd and somewhere around 1 inch away from taking first place. When the last day of raining happened, and it was such a pushover of a storm, I was actually a little bit bummed out. X"D kffuhgakfgsdfg Been sore for around a week from dealing with the effects of all the rain, and I was sad we weren't getting more. rofl
Yep! A tiger swallowtail. His wing was like.. all ******** up and he couldn't fly, and I didn't want to let him back out a) because it kept looking like it was gonna rain [this was like a couple of days before it really started affecting us] and b) he couldn't fly... he woulda been killed so soon, I'm sure of it. So yeah. Cx
Ooooo~~ cool cool, did they have fun? 8D
Nice! What kind of things have you been learning? And were there grades and such in the class? o 3o
Awww~ but BUUUTTTTTT IT'LL BE IN FAALLLL, Fall is so pretty~~ ; w;! how perfect.

<33 I do. whee heart
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Report | 06/22/2015 5:41 pm


Welcome back! n.n No worries, life happens. UuU
Well, too much rain in May, but not enough to break the 'wettest month ever' record [did shatter wettest May ever, though; and got to 3rd place on the former record] mmmmm I took care of a butterfly for 19 days.. :Ua
Oooooo~~ swim classes? o wo And photographhyyy~~~ awesome~ 8'D <333

Awwww~~~ cuute ; w;! <333 Thank yooou! heart heart
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Report | 06/02/2015 11:06 am


Haha yeah. ;w; it was. And I feel like such a dumbass, I didn't think until after the LAST rainy day to dig trenches. emotion_facepalm
It's good that you have a back up plan! biggrin
Ooo grats to the swift recovery 8D!!

Hmmm I don't remember, my step dad got herrrr I think at a wafflehouse, where someone was trying to get rid of it; I think someone else was gonna try to feed it to a snake, but that was a looong time ago, so maybe I misremembered what he told us, but yeah, never got an official species name for her. -shrugs- She was a tough old bug. She once got out of her cage, and when we found her again, she was missing a leg, but after she molted, grew that ******** back. @3@ But she eventually died a few years back.
I don't go out of my way to get pics of em really. They're just ones I've found in my house or backyard XD
Also my interbutts is out for a few days or so, so I'll be on phone!interbutts, so yeee.
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Report | 05/28/2015 8:29 am


Yeah; and my area doesn't even have it the worst; there's a damn I think to the south of me that might break [engineers are working with it to try to make sure that doesn't happen, but the next few days are gonna have more chances for storms] and the water would flood like 7-8 miles down to this one lake, so the residents there have evacuated; other counties have declared states of emergencies.... If it does rain a lot over the weekend, it'll have broken the previous record for wettest May. o vo I hope that happens, because I don't want to have dealt with all this rain and not even get bragging rights for it. XDD
Well, sorta? after the Monday storm, there was another bad one on Tuesday, but Wednesday was good and we only got some light rain, but again... this weekend brings with it more thunderstorms. Apparently the city or someone gave out free sandbags; 25 per house, so my mom got some of those..... either yesterday or today, and she's gonna try to go with her friend to maybe get some more [her friend's house isn't flooding, but they're thinking about cheating the system a bit. A wAa]
Yeah defs not good for the house; I think I've calmed down about a lot of it now, though. o vo! It's kind of like 'Bleeeh, time to go bail some water outta the house again~' XDDD It's a terrific workout, my whole body is kinda sore from the work ahahah xDD

Mmmm~ true true. :Ua Being grumpy is symptomatic of many other things as well, though hahaha xDa
Awwwww I'm sorry to hear that. :C! Good luck to getting a lot next winter! > W<

Good to hearrr~~ O 3O Aside from the energy drain. >3<! But still~~ ; w;!

That pic was a wolf spider, not the tarantula, she [Charlotte] was bigger than that. Cx No real markings, just brown..
-googles to find a similar looking one- She was more like [this] > w<

Hnnggg fireflieees~~ there used to be some around here, but they've since left. ; 3; </3 They were so cool ~~~~ We've got cool jumping spiders. > w<!! They're smaller, but they are quite pretty~~ like green with red stripes on the abdomen, it's coool. * w*
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Report | 05/26/2015 5:01 pm


Haha, yeah thunderstorms are pretty cool. I just think it's time Texas had a break from them. Sunday morning was so awful, my house started to flood. at first it was just my mom's room, and we were filling up buckets and buckets of water to keep it down/out, and then it started coming it through the whole southern side of the house, which was my room and my sisters' room, and then it got up to the backdoor and that started flooding and khsgbkadflbgdflgsb guh. Monday's storm wasn't so bad, but following Sunday's I was SO anxious about it. It passed pretty quick though, and my mom sister and I started sweeping the large pools of water along to help it keep from flooding inside again. ;w;! so that was so much more bearable. chances for rain are pretty low for the rest of the week until Saturday last I remember, so! ; w;! Hopefully Sunday was the climax of this overabundance of rainfall.
Humm~ it's possible. :U Or maybe I need more and just don't realize it hahaha XD
XD! The only reason I like it freezing is for the chance of snooow~ ; w; <333 Since it doesn't happen here much, it's quite a treat. ; w;e

Oh noess~ > 3< Make sure you're taking care of yourself too! > 3< Good luck to your youngest getting better asap~ ; w; <3

I see I see~ Ah, that makes sense. Aaaahh... She died a while ago [the tarantula], and that was before I had a good camera, so if I do find a pic, it probably won't be that good. XDa I do have a nifty one of a big a** wolf spider I caught before, though! It's not the best pic of it, but there is SORT OF a size ref
The white thing at the top is the rectangular area on a ziploc bag where you can write down what's in it; it may look kinda small, but I think the spider was about 2 inches long maybe? User Image

HNG, that would be another aspect I'd love a lot if I lived in the north. kfbgdfdsfbg less buggssss.. I mean sure, I'd miss the cool ones, but I'd also not see the problematic ones, either. - 3-;;;
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Report | 05/26/2015 8:48 am


raww heart
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Report | 05/21/2015 10:19 pm


XD well, so long as I get a house that doesn't leak, I'd like rain. UuU
Huummm interesting~~ I don't think that's happened to me before... :Ua but I haven't quite paid attention, so perhaps it has? -shrug- All I know is I super duper love overcast weather, and it's easier on my eyes and my easily burnt skin. xD!
@ 3@ Niice~~ It gets that cold here only on very rare occasion. UnU

Lol no worries~ Awwww~~ 8'D Cuuuttee ~~~ ikuhaslhfgbdfg Hope you guys have funnn ; w;! <333

XD! Well at least we both know UuU! I suck at all sewing. 8D!
hehehe, I thought it was~~ UuU <333 Same here~ and what I made as a kid was pretty crap! XD!!
Lol clever girl 9 v9!
ghsdffg I hate them though. I remember once thinking about that phrase, "we fear what we don't understand" or some s**t, so I checked out a book about them to learn more about them and I can agree, they're fascinating.. but if one lands on me or flies at my face, I can't guarantee I won't scream like someone's trying to kill me. If a bunch start showing up, I can get a bit panicky too. XDa I can't handle roaches that well - I'm better about it now, and I think I've gotten progressively better, but. kulhlfiadfglafkubhadgb They make my skin crawl just thinking about them. -shudders-
Hah! I like spiders! XD my sister had a pet tarantula and I held her~~~ 8D I know my sis put the spider on her face, but I don't remember if I did, too or not. xD! I also like to catch the wolf and jumping spiders around our house and get pics of them and then let them go~~ > W<!!
I'm also cool with wasps... and like... virtually every other kind of bug or creepy crawlie - snakes, worms, beetles, praying mantises.. all cool... but you bring a roach around andbkjagysfbliaulghflehfsdfg NO. @n@
At least with like spiders and wasps that makes sense because stingers and venom - they can hurt you, unlikely [though not impossible] to kill you, but they can hurt you.... roaches can't.. and yet I'm still like HNNGG NO NONONONONODFGO;SGLOHFGNNPONONOPNONONOA FKLG I think it's just because I've had bad experience after bad experience after bad experience with them throughout ever. @n@ Most other scary bugs don't directly get up in your s**t, crawling up your pants, landing on your arm/shoulder/head, get in your backpack, your bathtub, crawl on your bed... afnglakgbflhkdf Guhh. At least it's better here than in Georgia...[ironically, I was less scared of them back then??] where if you turn on the back porch light at night, the ******** WALL would be squirming with them... and the front porch had a s**t ton of them, too... I was able to see some white ones this way, which is pretty cool.. I've never seen a white one when out here in Texas. but yeah... roaches are just... hnngg nightmare bugs. The stuff of true nightmare worlds. ; 3;!

Ah~ I getcha. I don't think I could do online stuff either. ;w;a -nod nod- Understandable. > W<a
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