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Report | 05/02/2015 9:50 am


Oooooooo grey clouuddssss emotion_kirakira Man, I think I might be down to go live up there. sdkfgsadffsgb sounds like awesome weather. ; w;a
How cold does it get? O 3O
Hah, yeah it does suck. @m@....! How big is the difference? surprised
XD!! Maybe it was the avi [before this one haha]?

Oooo~~ cool. ; w;! My gma did some sewing, too, but I never really got into that stuff.. she also did the thinggg... where you have like a canvas and then you hold it in place in some circle thing and thread a design into it.. idr what that's called, I know it's not regular sewing nor crocheting... hmmm~~ [this] and [this] are some projects I remember working on with her~~ I remember, the lizard I made was blue and it had one gold eye and one silver eye. hah! XD We also did stuff with clay. > w<!!
hehe~~ yeah, she does some really cool stuff. UuU and like.. the more you look at it, the more little things you find hidden away~~ > w<!
XD! I'm not scared of those~~~ even though they're more liable to hurt you... I'm just not scared of them like I am roaches. gonk I've been traumatized over the years with my experiences with the horrible hellspawn nightmare monster zombie insects. They are the only insect I'm phobic of. xDa

; w;! Aye, better late than never~!
D'oh! lol Oh dears~~ Well! it's good that you were having fun though~ 3nodding heart That's good to hear. UuU

-nod- yes precisely~~ and all of my hopes and dreams for the future are terribly unrealistic. emotion_kirakira I would like to get into writing more; I've done [little] things, and sometimes I play around with it in the WG, but yeah, if I could kick my a** into actually writing out a ******** novel, that would be so awesome. emotion_kirakira I just need to stop being such a procrastinator! affgaskldbgafg ; w;!!
Humm~~ maybe you could take some online courses for some of these things? surprised a Even if you don't do anything from taking those courses, at least it would be something good to spend time on; and maybe one day it'll come in handy and people will be like eek Wh-where did that come from?! And you'll be like.. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
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Report | 05/01/2015 9:06 am


Ooooooooo what's it like there... :Ua ... very wet, yes? :Ua but cool/cold... is it spoopy looking? O WO!!! Lol, everything's bigger in Texas... I think I might prefer a smaller city, though; I live in one of the largest cities without a public transportation option! gonk
>w < Well, I never rode in one, but I used to see them, especially when my grandmother would take me and my sisters down to a nearby place to get ice cream~~ MINT CHOCOLATE CHIP FOR THE WIIN~
Cool! 8D
Yeyeyee~~ it is quite cool, she used to sell paintings! 8D and my Uncle, too~~ surprised !! I would think spending summers with her helped a lot with that. C:! And also my sister likes to draw [less so nowadays because she's extremely perfectionist about it and it often frustrates her more than anything, but maaan~ She's [really good] <~ that's actually a few years old, but it's one of my favorites that she did. UuU]
Yeah, it's pretty gross... mostly just because of the roaches, if there were no roaches... there are others that I would like to not have, but they are more just nuisances than cannot deal with this... and then there would be all the cool ones left like moths/butterflies, praying mantises, cool beetles, etc etc yadda yadda xD!

Oh! Right, happy birthday! XD I think I was gonna send you a message, but I forgot to........ o woa........

hehehe > w<!

Wow, rood. :U Good on you for proving them wrong~~ UuU Oh I seee~ :O
I'd only wanna go for financially useless things like music, art, writing, languages... stuff like that. xDa but nothing that could give "reliable" job xp. XDa
Oooo~ psychology takes less time? o 3o
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Report | 04/29/2015 4:19 pm

Avril Dizzy Ocho

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. D-did I miss it? If not, happy birthday! If yes, then belated!
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Report | 04/29/2015 4:10 pm

La Snooze

Nee-chan nee-chan happy birthday!!!
Thoug I don't exactly know you other than your avatar, you're still precious to me and I love you~ have a great next year!
...how old are you anyways...?
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Report | 04/28/2015 8:04 pm

Beautiful Envy

Happy Birthday!!!
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Report | 04/28/2015 3:57 pm


You're very welcome. 3nodding
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Report | 04/26/2015 3:02 am


-high fives-

I was born and partially raised in Savannah. Very pretty city; there's a bunch of this crazy moss s**t in the trees that hangs down; and down town is really awesome with like brick streets and there are sometimes horse/carriage things I think with Clydesdales. sfklugahdlsdfgbsldfg ; w;e My gma used to take me and my sisters there to her art studio and sometimes we'd get ice cream or have some warm apple cider stuff. fdskghasdldf I remember once I drew one of my sisters while there. Some of my uncle's pictures were there too~~ ; w;!! Gah. but yeah, the city's really nice.... but humid, and lots of roaches. sdkulfahduadg 8Da In Savannah is the only time I've seen roaches when they're white [and thus, less scary] [this happens right after they molt, but then they darken back to their hellspawn colors fairly quick].
That's coool~ ; w;e Lucky duck and your eye color change-y stuff. <3 ; w;!

hehe yes. And then when it does, it's like you're addicted to it, yeah? XD

XD I was actually better at getting commission done back in the day~ though the quality was a lot lower [and also trad, but that's unrelated to the quality]. I think I charged about... 12k at one point, and like someone came in and was like 'Hmmm, no I don't like these prices; let's haggle - I'll offer you 40k okay?' skglbasdsd and I was like OMG HOLY s**t 40K?!! LKFUBGSADFGBSDG XDDD
Eventually, I got to where I was charging about 500k, and wished for the day my art would be good enough to charge 1mil and yeah.. XDa fhganlfgsdf
surprised ! I've never been a college student, and I was notoriously neglectful of my high school homework, soo~~~~ lfjgsndfjgsdfg XDa
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Report | 04/25/2015 9:43 am


Haha yeah, haven't been logging in as much as before.
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Report | 04/25/2015 3:35 am


Thanks! Cx!! Ooooo~ nice! 8D You've done quite well! > w<
I think, any color combo can look good if it's just mixed together well. Even color distribution, to me that is the main key for a terrific avi. UuU!
I would imagine so. @m@

Nice~~ I was born in Georgia, but moved here. xD I went back there every summer as a kid. UuU
Bad a**~~ 8D
Ooooo! Cool~~~ do they do a color change thing, like depending on your mood or anything? O 3O

Cx!! Enjoy~~~
XD! Nice~~ My sister and I [not the oldest one] were pretty into pokemon cards for a while, then she lost interest and gave me her cards, and then I kept them and every now and again would buy more over the years and I've now got a pretty big collection of them. 8'D [I don't remember if we went over this before lolol]
Yep, my sis does that a lot too~~ UuUa Our tastes don't always overlap though; she's always listening to like theeeee indie kind of stuff that's been getting popular lately, like Lorde, The Fray, and a bunch of others, so I don't always care too much, but then if I'm around the music enough, it can grow on me. UuUa

Good good! Fun is what matters~~ 8'D Maaan. I try to do commissions, but I'm terrible at them... when it's not a surprise any more it just becomes a chore, and then I have to worry about making it look 'good enough' so I don't feel like I ripped them off or something and lisgfadskflbhaldfgadf ; w; Freebies are more fun. Getting paid for your stuff would be awesome, but I know that for me, I just can't seem to make art for $ work. XDa
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Report | 04/24/2015 4:50 pm

Ms Epic

Yep i sure am! heh heh
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Report | 04/24/2015 1:28 pm

Ms Epic

Yea i think you did marvelous job 3nodding
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Report | 04/24/2015 1:16 pm

Ms Epic

No no, i saw youre doing hdmi and im asking if you'd like to borrow an angelic pendant t match better XD
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Report | 04/24/2015 11:48 am

Ms Epic

do you need angelic pendant?
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Report | 04/23/2015 8:03 pm

Cafe au Chocolat

emotion_kirakira i'm the WG's offical sex symbol? Bwua- I mean Nyaaah~!

/meow meow huggles/ I think it's super flattering to be copied XD!
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Report | 04/23/2015 6:39 pm

Okami Tenrou

It's no problem, and thank you for being an awesome person to interact with! emotion_yatta
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Report | 04/23/2015 5:10 pm

Cafe au Chocolat

xd baawww it's totally fine nyaaa~!
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Report | 04/23/2015 1:30 pm


Thank you so much, dear, for the gift and the birthday wishes~ heart
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Report | 04/21/2015 6:15 pm


Nice~~ 8D I tend to make avatars similarly; start out with a particular item/pose in mind and work the rest around it. UuU!! <3 Sometimes I end up with something completely different, but other times, I do good. UuU
This one was based on the fact that I wanted to use these arms huehuehue. 9 u9
XD! Well, no two people share exactly the same thoughts on things, so it makes sense.

Yeah, it's so stupid hot it's gross.. gummy things melt together sometimes -sobs-
I live in Texas. XD
XD! I used to be better about it; I'd maybe get a bit red, but I also tanned pretty well, but then I started hanging out inside a lot, and .. well.. XDa now sometimes just going outside in the day time can cause my eyes to hurt [having blue eyes doesn't help ksufdblasdkfsdf XD I wonder if I'd ever feel that if I had brown eyes]
Yeah~ and one was like.. RIGHT by our back porch and hnng kluhglsdfgbfg ; w; I just used to go there allll the damn time. ;w;!

I am too, as I said, my sisters kinda roped me into it. XD [here] are the episodes - in order from bottom to top, top being the newest.
This site seems to refer to it as 'an original scifi radio play' XD It doesn't come on TV, neither does Nightvale [which is kind of like... a news broadcast thing if you lived in some world where the paranormal was a common occurence - it's pretty great from what I've heard of it. XD]
With these things, there's no visual, so there's nothing to really 'watch' it's just listening. Cx

Wooo! awesome! 8D <33 No problem~~ Cx <3 I look forward to it~ [but it's cool if something holds ya up. UuU] Oooo I see. Did you have fun with it, though, even though it took longer? o wo
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Report | 04/21/2015 5:24 pm


Haha, that I was~~ Don't worry, I can get the same way. XD Your current is really nice too!

Cool! It's good that you guys won't argue about stuff in that department. > w<!

Hahah, yeah. ; w;a I .. try not to, but I fail, but I try not to let that get me down or whatever, 'cause it's natural. ; w;!
Mmm nowadays I wouldn't - I don't wanna get burned [and sometimes I can get red from taking a walk in the middle of winter... I mean, I do live in Hell, so there's that, but still.. it's cold and stuff.. I wouldn't imagine getting 'sun' during winter. XD]
I would like to go to at least a pool again, though. ; 3;! When I was a kid, we lived in this apartment complex that had two pools, and sklghafgbdfg I was out there a LOT. ; w;!
Hah, yeah. XD

Oh Eos 10 isn't a game; it's just a podcast, similar to Welcome to Nightvale, except instead of a fake newsbroadcast set up, it's literally like a show without visual. o wo! Like some old radio show from the days before tv. XD

Good luck! I should finish some artsu, too. kufghalfgbafg ; 3;!!
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Report | 04/21/2015 11:34 am


A bit unexpected...

I thought I would see something less dainty.
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