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OC art I have gotten:

Done by the Lovely:Interesting Smoker

Done By the Lovely: The Peten

Done By the Lovely: Fithath

Done by the Lovely: egguo

Done by the Lovely: 14Mushrooms

Done By the Lovely: Alternative Echo

Done By the Lovely:Akanea Kurayami

Done By the Lovely:rinniex

Done by the Lovely: Emergency Squirtgun

Done by the Lovely: YourOnePassionateLove

Done by the Lovely : Minty Andee

Done by The Lovely: Lyric Rainvale

Done by the Lovely: Pnada

Done by the Lovely: ChibiBel

Done by the Lovely: CyanideSquid

Done by the Lovely: xXxXNeverMoreXxXx

Done By the Lovely: sakra-rose

Other Art: