~Invisible scroll!~

* My name is Kaylen.
*****I'm legal, n single
* I'm in college
* I'm livin' it up on Chicago
* I love Zelda and Pokemon franchise.
* I am re-learning to draw so let me draw you
* I have two kitties
* My favorite candy is peanut m&ms
* My favorite colors are certain shades of green
* I have no idea why I'm still here.

My snapchat is: kaylen33

Comments and stuff like that are fun to receive.

My username in Korean:
기브 어 피그 어 팬케익
(give a pig a pancake)
마담 케이
(Madam Kei)

PM me if you add me on 3DS. here is my
code: 4468-1977-6552

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Madame Kay