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a little about this old goat, yo

My name is Madam Tupyn.
People call me "Tuppy" for short.
Age- 20
Status- Happily taken
Occupation- I am my own being
Everyone has their little secrets.
And I have mine.

-Madam Tupyn

PS: I ABSOLUTELY LOVE AVI ART!! I always have spare gold. Message me if you're interested. If I absolutely love love love what you draw, I tip.

Check out my store! Haggling prices are my forte, I go the lowest of lows, always changing, always something new!

User ImageWelcome to Madam Tupyns Haggle Shop~
She sells everything as low as it gets, but she is very compliant if you need something knocked down a little lower.
Just PM her, do not be shy!

No nos:
She does not trade items for items
If you PM her with a price, a little haggling as gone through, she will give you a set price, and that will be the final offer, whether you like it or not.

She is always appreciative with her customers~

If you please her, she might shoot a friend request your way.
Just the way she is

Enjoy looking around!

Ring the bell if the service was to your liking~User Image


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Ryoka Saphron Report | 08/20/2016 8:34 pm
Ryoka Saphron
I see. =/ I don't know how you do it.
My lady friend at work was homeless for a year or so, and when she went to places that help, they said they couldn't.
That, or they didn't have anything to give. She's still struggling, but I try to help her and her family the best I can. >_<'

Putting in a lot of hours?
Eh, been kinda down. Work sucks, I wanna move.
Ryoka Saphron Report | 08/17/2016 12:10 am
Ryoka Saphron
That's cool. Sounds like a heart warming job .

And I hope he grows up = _ =
How are ya ? :3
Ryoka Saphron Report | 08/14/2016 5:52 pm
Ryoka Saphron
Ohhh neat o:
Everything pushes religion in one way or another I guess =/

I want to, but idk.. if he grew up then yeah I could see it.
Ryoka Saphron Report | 08/13/2016 9:08 pm
Ryoka Saphron
Eh, it wasn't special this year .
That's nice! Enjoy it
That sucks, what kinda job?
Good for you! heart
Ryoka Saphron Report | 08/11/2016 10:03 pm
Ryoka Saphron
Ummm... just work.
Hit 7years on August 10th with him.
Hby? :3
Ryoka Saphron Report | 08/05/2016 10:53 pm
Ryoka Saphron
Thanks! ^w^
And yay! heart

Yeah, I'm friends with a 40-something y/o and a 60-something y/o at work. XD
Yay, people to talk too~!

They make the day go by quicker lol
Ryoka Saphron Report | 07/31/2016 8:10 pm
Ryoka Saphron
I mean, I stay up til 3 or 4am anyway due to working late, but yeah. XD
These are like.. the only 1 rl friends I got left. D;
But yeah we had fun
I'm your friend D:
Yay! heart
Ryoka Saphron Report | 07/31/2016 5:49 pm
Ryoka Saphron
Uh... we played Call of Duty til like... 3:30-4am, woke up at like... 10:30am.
Not enough sleep for me! D<

Aw, I hate that. Hope he feels better soon! heart

I definitely think it will. Less stress, I already got enough. e.e

I'm okay. How are you doing? o:
Ryoka Saphron Report | 07/31/2016 5:04 pm
Ryoka Saphron
Yeeeah it does. I'm so tired, I had a sleepover last night annnnd... didn't get much sleep. @.@

Oh! I finally went to a gyno last week!
Got another years refill of birth control, so I'm happy. XD

Naaaah, I like talking to you! :3
Ryoka Saphron Report | 07/24/2016 8:58 pm
Ryoka Saphron
They do pay more for overtime, but ughh just knowing I have to stay until 1am or 2am is just depressing.
If I could get out at 5pm or 6pm it'd be okay, since I'd still have time to do stuff, you know?

And no! You're not, I'm sorry! D8
Ryoka Saphron