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DOO EET Report | 07/07/2013 2:27 pm
ok is it like a fictional character?
DOO EET Report | 07/07/2013 7:08 am
so what kind would you like manga or something ? cant do avi atm but anything else not a problem
DOO EET Report | 07/06/2013 2:14 pm
you name a fair price also i just do anything apart from avi art at the min since it takes to long
DOO EET Report | 07/06/2013 8:59 am
heres some of my work :
DOO EET Report | 07/06/2013 5:52 am
hey was just wondering if yu would like to buy any art??
Divinity in Motion Report | 05/28/2013 9:04 am
Divinity in Motion
I just saw that pic you tagged me in. It's so bad. gonk
Divinity in Motion Report | 05/21/2013 8:30 pm
Divinity in Motion
I bet. I'm getting about 3 weeks off in July. I can't wait~
Divinity in Motion Report | 05/21/2013 7:59 pm
Divinity in Motion
Nah, but I'm over it now. cx
So, how have you been?
Divinity in Motion Report | 05/21/2013 7:08 pm
Divinity in Motion
Sucks, doesn't it? Facebook wasn't really my thing to begin with. I mostly made the account to keep in touch with someone, but it blew up in my face. xp
Divinity in Motion Report | 05/21/2013 7:03 pm
Divinity in Motion
I get you. I don't really use my FB account anymore. It's mostly there to remind me of birthdays. xD

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Name: Raye
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Likes: Kitties, butterflies, karaoke, manga, anime, yuri, art, music browsing, Gaia (Durr! :B) smilies/icon_heart.gif 's and smilies/icon_whee.gif 's, shy girls
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Least Fav Colors: gray, brown, olive, and anything bland
Favorite Subjects in School: Chemistry and World History
Least Favorite in School: Physical Education and English
Major(s): Culinary Arts, European History
Other Things of Randomness: Raye loves to show off her mad science and robotics skills on her infamous N00binators. Version 4.98 is currently under construction.
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When provoked with n00b speak or general nonsense Rei has been know to bust out the now faulty n00binator 3.xx


I'm a 28 year old lady that likes ladies. Woo-hoo.
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