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Playing since 2007. Coming back from a hiatus.

Name: Madam Ace, aka Amanda.
Age: 21
Currently attending college and majoring in Nursing.

I'm a fan of high quality animes and cartoons.
And the old school 90s ones.
Cute things. Pandas are awesome. Bunnies are creeping up there too.
Favorite colors are Red, teal, and cream.
Anime boys make me swoon but I'm already taken.
Also currently playing Animal Crossing NL and Pokemon X

March 17, 2014: Reached Lvl. 10 in Alchemy

Tentacles are awesome (Link to tumblr)


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Raine Higashi Report | 05/23/2015 5:01 am
Raine Higashi
Thanks ^_^

How are you?
Raine Higashi Report | 05/23/2015 4:58 am
Raine Higashi
taphies Report | 05/22/2015 9:29 am
Torchion Report | 05/22/2015 7:03 am
I'd download a couple apps, but I don't wanna waste data.

Also, it's tough earning cash from the tree. I've tried it many times, but I've been unsuccessful. I'd call in a favor from a friend, but I know very few people here on Gaia.
Torchion Report | 05/22/2015 6:35 am
Not bad. I'm gonna have a 3-day weekend, because Memorial Day's coming up, so something good might come up, ja?

I'm going after Ian's Old School Memories, but I've been opening scrolls like crazy, and I still haven't got that GCash prize. I know it's gonna be super expensive on the MP, so I'm scrambling to find out a way to get it before it goes off-sale at the end of the day.
Raine Higashi Report | 05/22/2015 6:28 am
Raine Higashi
Its super adorable and so you!!

I hope they make a unicorn one eventually emotion_kirakira emotion_kirakira
Torchion Report | 05/22/2015 6:16 am
*cracks neck a bit*

Eh, eh. Guten morgen, Ace. Then again, it's night for you and morning for me. How are you?
Raine Higashi Report | 05/22/2015 6:08 am
Raine Higashi

So do you!! 4laugh 4laugh 4laugh
Raine Higashi Report | 05/22/2015 6:06 am
Raine Higashi
Raine Higashi Report | 05/22/2015 5:57 am
Raine Higashi


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" The bunny prince has arrived~ "
Leaving 5/14 for a trip, be back in early June. Byyyye!
Art by minghii gaia_smilies/icon_star.gif
(it's a long story...)


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