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Gender: Female
Sexual orientation: Bisexual.
Status: Happily Married smilies/icon_heart.gif
Age: 29 years {******** I'm old}
Sign: Scorpio
Birthday: 6/November.
Location: Kansas, US.
Religion: Agnostic... I tried Paganism and I'll be forever in training Wiccan.
Talents: Have patience for cat mischief. Making people love me or hate me with passion.
Hobbies: 3DS/Xbox/Kinect playing, singing, painting.
Pets: Two cats; Anabel and Lee, One ferret: Calvin.
Fave colors: Purple, blue, and black.


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01022005 is MaclauMo's join date! xd

Not sure what's going on? Check out ALM guild's off topic forum for some Easter fun!

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You like Battlestar Galactica!!! heart heart heart
Have you ever watched Babylon 5? It's AMAZING! My hubster and I watch the whole 5 seasons at least once a year.

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I see the bachelor credits are still in my inventory so I must have sent you the masters ones by mistake. Keep them, sending the right ones in trade now. Sorry about that.
Misfortuned Checkmate

Report | 08/10/2013 5:11 pm

Misfortuned Checkmate

Oh god, I'm just trying to sell this coat to someone who really wants it, I know there's some demand for it... ninja
I can't imagine selling stuff from my leveling up days.. rofl
Misfortuned Checkmate

Report | 08/10/2013 5:04 pm

Misfortuned Checkmate

I've been well, running the Level-UP project thread I have and waiting for the time to change so I can go bug-hunting in animal crossing. ninja

I've also been wondering if anyone's interested in buying a Black Edwardian Children's Coat.... I'm trying to gain funds for my Level-UP Project. @u@
Misfortuned Checkmate

Report | 08/10/2013 3:59 pm

Misfortuned Checkmate

Misfortuned Checkmate

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Misfortuned Checkmate

Justice.. Always prevails. emotion_dealwithit
Forgotten Benedight

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Forgotten Benedight

No problem. ^^
I decided to share it so everyone has an idea of what's going on, and so i can answer less questions later on... = w =;;;
Yea... once I get back on my account, I'm ditching the join.me option and use skype or just plain screen-shot things instead. =w=;;
And thank you. I feel pretty proud of myself for being able to do all that. 4laugh
I just hope everything gets resolved soon. ^^
But for now, I'm just collecting junk to sell so I can make some gold and get some more supplies for alchemy once I get my main back. rofl
Hopefully I don't have to start from the ground up again. emotion_8c

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I don't really have a 'thank you for buying...'
Just thought I'd say hello.

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Thanks for the purchase !

I enjoy your quotes.