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Welcome to my profile! There.. really isn't much to know about me unless you try to get to know me?- I guess there is some stuff.
I'm Homestuck trash-- I also really like WTNV (Welcome to Nightvale) and I listen to kpop. I'mjustgivingthebasics- Ee.. Ask me about comics, anime or video games? The Bioshock series is pretty much my life line so ask me about that too-
I like random PM's and I also RP too! o uo So why don't you drop by and say hey? I have a 2DS and a PS3 so ye smilies/icon_sweatdrop.gif
I play PKMN Y, ACNL, Tomodachi Life-
Hella broke with only a few games. ; u ;
Anywho! Thank you for dropping by and have a nice day smilies/icon_heart.gif
Currently playing: Violente Valse - Caravan Palace

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