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My name is Mab Villiers and I am a hunter of the paranormal, supernatural, and everything extraordinary. There are a lot of dangers involved with the job but I'm compelled onward in the search for truth.

Quick Facts about Mab

Although not a character for a specific fandom, Mab is character that borrows heavily from first three seasons of Supernatural, a sizable helping of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and a very very very small sprinkle of Charmed.

Mab's personality is purposely a little prickly. She's not supposed to be a totally nice character and isn't particularly cheerful, either. Also her opinions don't reflect the opinions of me... thought that'd be obvious but here we are.

Mab is pronounced like 'Nab' and is the name of a fairy queen from Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet. Not that she'd know the last bit however. She adopted the namesake after seeing the 1998 Merlin mini-series, thinking it a cool substitute for Mable - a name she thinks is boring and dull.

The Face Behind the Curtain

Army Veteran//Energy Drink Enthusiast//Not Slytherin

I'm a twenty-something who doodles for dollars as a freelance artist. I also like to write, read, and jog in my spare time. I love folk legend and lore, adore history, can't get enough of suspense horror, and enjoy the Harry Potter universe at almost unhealthy levels.

Current Cartoon Obsessions: Over the Garden Wall, Gravity Falls, Star vs The Forces of Evil, Steven Universe, and MLP:FiM.

Current Read: Shadowbrook by Beverly Swerling


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Archiduquesa Akako Report | 05/04/2016 7:59 am
Archiduquesa Akako

        THAT AVI is awesome. I love it. Just had to say it. emotion_facepalm

        (also i'm that too - 1 day of socializin irl = 1 month of staying home js). ninja
Fractured_Unity Report | 04/01/2016 10:36 pm
you're very welcome!
have had to do that myself a few times. lol
yoloswag666 Report | 03/11/2016 10:35 pm
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omfg thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i never would of found them!!!!! they dont have the astra tag but there they are! =^))))) thank you!!
Oh darn these ones come with eyes... but maybe I can find some that go over them......
Ai-No-Command Report | 03/03/2016 7:43 am
Thanks for buying
Rock_hard_yo Report | 02/29/2016 2:17 am
Damn, You must really love ghosts if you're willin' to live like that. Most folk woulda quit, and gotten a normal job long. Or maybe you hate really ghosts. Like I dunno, maybe a ghost killed your dog or something, and you now just gotta kill all the ghosts. I mean, I did the whole occult thing for a while. I get the appeal. But just cause you don't work with the livin', don't mean you can't make one, dig?
Rock_hard_yo Report | 02/25/2016 9:16 pm
Still gotta pay for gas. Or do you got one of them fancy new electrics?
Rock_hard_yo Report | 02/25/2016 1:49 am
Man, if it were me, I would just be like "Sorry, sir, but this gold watch is HAUNTED. It's okay, I'll dispose of it for you." And they'd be happy to get rid of it. It's a win for everybody! Bills don't pay themselves.
Rock_hard_yo Report | 02/25/2016 1:08 am
What? So you don't charge? What are you, rich? You do realise what a goldmine you're sitting on, right?
Rock_hard_yo Report | 02/24/2016 8:34 pm
Huh. You really know your stuff, don't you? I guess that's why you're the professional... or are you? Does anybody actually pay you to just go around burning sage?
Rock_hard_yo Report | 02/24/2016 8:04 pm
But what if the ghost was haunting an herbal remedies store? Could they develop a tolerance? Or would you just have to use a lot more of it?

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