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My name is Mab Villiers and I am a hunter of the paranormal, supernatural, and everything extraordinary. There are a lot of dangers involved with the job but I'm compelled onward in the search for truth.

Quick Facts about Mab

Although not a character for a specific fandom, Mab is character that borrows heavily from first three seasons of Supernatural, a sizable helping of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and a very very very small sprinkle of Charmed.

Mab's personality is purposely a little prickly. She's not supposed to be a totally nice character and isn't particularly cheerful, either. Also her opinions don't reflect the opinions of me... thought that'd be obvious but here we are.

Mab is pronounced like 'Nab' and is the name of a fairy queen from Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet. Not that she'd know the last bit however. She adopted the namesake after seeing the 1998 Merlin mini-series, thinking it a cool substitute for Mable - a name she thinks is boring and dull.

The Face Behind the Curtain

Army Veteran//Energy Drink Enthusiast//Not Slytherin

I'm a twenty-something who doodles for dollars as a freelance artist. I also like to write, read, and jog in my spare time. I love folk legend and lore, adore history, can't get enough of suspense horror, and enjoy the Harry Potter universe at almost unhealthy levels.

Current Cartoon Obsessions: Ducktales (remake), Star vs The Forces of Evil, Steven Universe, and MLP:FiM.

Current Reads: The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper by Phaedra Patrick


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fig fugue Report | 12/03/2017 6:48 pm
fig fugue
ur current avi is killing me
i love it
By Witchlight Report | 11/18/2017 6:46 pm
By Witchlight
Thanks for the Luck!
Karpathy Report | 11/18/2017 5:53 pm
yummy nummy dirt good
Dessert Theater Report | 11/17/2017 3:58 am
Dessert Theater
No problem 3nodding
calisto91 Report | 11/09/2017 11:57 pm
thank you very much for buying 3nodding
fig fugue Report | 03/19/2017 12:54 am
fig fugue
Thanks! Decided to play with a TON of face items on top of each other and it turned out pretty fun!
A Hope In Hell Report | 03/15/2017 6:35 am
A Hope In Hell
Thank you! I love creepy yet cute stuff, so I'm really happy with the way this avi turned out. whee
PoroSnaxx Report | 03/14/2017 5:34 am
Thankyou for buying !!! I hope you liked my prices C:
yoloswag666 Report | 11/08/2016 5:45 pm
THIS AVI!!!!!!!!!!!!! 10/10 gaia_star
Majikina Report | 11/08/2016 2:14 pm
Thanks! You look gorgeous yourself. <3

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