How can I explain Melissa?? HMMM She's been my best friend since 3 YEARSSSS and we're like the perfect friend duo.` w `
we rarely fought about anything and WE HAVE TONS OF INSIDE JOKES like so many ayy lmao she is also mii gay lover , we can get really gay and and ruin the mood in like a second so fast. but i think that's okay because . we can be ourselves to each other and not think bad of each other either. it's a great bond and and she's the only one I can talk to forEVERRRRRRRRRRRRRR. I PROMISE , Melissa . uwu I love you, and appreciate your existence.


JOJO!!! MAN I LIKE THAT YOU SHOW ME NEW ARTISTS FOR ME TO LIKE NOW AND RAD ART STYLES CAUSE I CAN SHOW YOU SOME TOO AND HOW YOU SHOW ME NEW HIP MUSIC . but... since ur spooky u gotta show me creepypasta... :^( PLEASE i love it... also ur like really cool and sassy and cool . like wtf i wish i was that COOL. but I REMEMBERRR YOU... BEING MIDORI AHAHAH drunk midori. we are demon sisters B^) i like that you ask me for help sometimes cause AAA MEEE ur asking mEEE !!!!!! and that i can too , comrade. im glad you exist.


WTF MAN UR LIKE THE RADDEST OF THE RAD. I REMEMBER MEETING YOU AS SAKUTARO AND AHAHA BULLYING U A LOT KINDA IDK like when you STOLE my face C8 u moe lion. no but i have a lot of fond rad memories i have with you like omg watching plan bee and RUBBER AND SUPERSTARRR and foodfight. ITS OUR WORLDDDD. damn u ..cHRISTOPHER????i remember when you had constant nightmares and i stayed up on skype for u cause ur a scaredy cat (jt jt jt.) but I'm glad you exist and I met you. Adoradork.

RACHET a** HOE (boss a** b***h)

god I remember her always being with kisa too and being ouka. bWAH = w=. I like how I can talk s**t to her and its okay plus she does it to me too and idc at all. golly i remember her saying that everyone at least annoyed her and SHE TOLD MEEEE THAT I NEVER DID AND I GOT REALLY HAPPY CONSIDERING THE CORNY SAPPY SIDE I AM. but aaa Maddie (Junko) you're the best . You're the queen who makes the king watch you conquer. smilies/icon_cool.gif u skank. im glad you're my friend.


god idk why everyone thinks were gay for eachother AND THAT EVERYONE GENUINELY THINKS IM GAY 4 U AND UR CHURRO. im not. but other than that. you're the rad party guy of the group and you are obsessed with churros and jojo's bizzare adventure and fate/zero. BB im glad you exist and that i met you man. HIGH FIVES U. stay rad ponyboy. I DID NAHT HIT YOU I DID NAAAHHT


wowowo I met her when i was 17 and she wAS 13. ahaha young egg dork . and I remember meeting her by fanboying her cosplay of Mion Sonozaki and going GAHAHAH and ever since then we started saying it. And then I totally defended her one day and golly she asked me if .. if i CAN BE HER BROTHER AND I JUST AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA yes i love..... id love to be your big bro. and now we're siblings and ive known her for many years. plus we both have gr8 music taste. uvu I'm glad she is my sister and she gives me her presence still.
Primadonna GirI
Yue Se Fen
Helium Hate
Leonardo Dorito
Mioda Ibuki
Reiner SMASH

this GAY dork is my PPWBFGF @w@ all mio


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