My name is Dorvanique (its french) but I prefer if you call me Dove ^^ (most of my friends do). I live in the Caribbean on an island called St.Maarten. I speak a total of three languages, French, Spanish and Dutch, some better than most. I recently found out that I am not 5'6 but 5'1...this was a very sad day for me. I have medium length black hair, but I hate leaving it out because I despise people touching it smilies/icon_whee.gif . I am spunky, bubbly and some say cute and adorable but I....agree completely, jk. I like to be super silly and random, I may say the weirdest things but please don't take them to heart. I may seem as though I may not be the brightest bulb in the room but this is very much so just part of my amazing personality. I am actually quite educated and do have a brain as well as thoughts of my own. I am really sweet, caring and honest. I am trustworthy and love my friends to death! I can be clingy and I like to monopolize my friends smilies/icon_sweatdrop.gif . I don't follow others and I do what I want when I want to. I'm super stubborn and can be extremely mean, but I rarely show this side. If you are arrogant, mean, dishonest and arrogant this will be the only side of me you will get to know. I hate to hear swear words, I think it shows how small a person's vocabulary is, but do use them to get a harsh point across. I like a person who can disagree with me because I like to have intellectual arguments, when everything is hunky dory all the time it WILL get boring. I am currently studying pre-med and am totally loving the college life... smilies/icon_stare.gif but hey, it's something new and has be very interesting thus far. My future goal is to become a Pediatrician, since I love babies and kids to death!

There is very much more to add, but you see I am the definition of lazy, sarcasm, and I do not wish to continue telling you people about myself. Bai Bai! smilies/icon_heart.gif


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A look inside what goes on in my head. Some of the stories/comics I created and occasionally my feelings...if their overwhelming.



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Couture MD

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Couture MD

Lord Ven II

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Lord Ven II

Thanks for tipping, keep up the good fight!

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I would totally visit. ;w;

I can tell you all from experience. I've moved so many times now. I hate it but at the same time it's exciting because I love going to new places.
Most of the time the lost items are easily replaceable. I typically lose cords or chargers for items.
Or it ends up packed somewhere else in a box we like never open.

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I'm rather jealous of you. o 4 o you. I wanna move ti europe. But I just don't have the money.
:'D I've just recently been trying to get back on gaia. I've been way too busy the past few months with preparing for this move.
Moving really sucks. packing. unpacking. things go missing. OTL
I hate the moving process.

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Yeah Moved all the way from the lovely state of Washington to the uh.... not so awesome state of Kentucky. OTL I live in Lexington now with a friend who is attending UK. smile
I have been busy setting up our place really. on o and I'll be busy job hunting as well. OTL
o 3 o Over all I'm pretty good. It feel great not to have parents hovering over me anymore. o3o NO EXPECTATIONS. well there still are but they aren't pressuring me in to all kinds of s**t anymore.
But it's good to know you're doing well since we haven't talked in a while. o 3 o

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I'm still completely out of it. Adjusting to a new timezone again. :"D
So how's it been chica?

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//trying to stay awake
sexual sauces

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sexual sauces

Thanks for purchasing!
Arbitrary Mani

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Arbitrary Mani

You never said thank you. sweatdrop

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I'm confused...when is your birthday.Gaia says it's today so i guess happy birthday!


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