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Thank you Candy_Kiss_Sugar for this lovely art! Your so kind!!

Hello! ~.^ Welcome to my profile! Yes my profile is full of marshmallow goodness, fancy pixel stuff and all kinds of squishy things, ubber cute things and things that make you go "woOt!" "Awww...." "Glomp" & "Drool". And of course, my profile is full of smexy little me, [M.a.n.a][H.e.r.o] and all the juicy details.well those ones I will share with you anyway. If you REALLY want to get the dirt on me, good you might want to become my friend first. Well enjoy my profile!

.:: M y . S t a t s .

Username: [M.a.n.a][H.e.r.o]
Nicknames: Mana, Mori & Hero.
Real Name: Stacy
Gender: I am female hear me RoAr.....*Purrr?*
Age: 21 & Falling.....
Birthday: February, 4th 1986
Birthplace: Pictou, Nova Scotia
Ethnicity: I am what I like to call a mixed salad. XD I am Caucasian, and I have grandparents who are African Canadian, Grandparents whom are Chippewa, and I also have the typical Scottish, French, and Irish ancestry.
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Marital Status: Long-term relationship. <3

.:: M y . P I c .

Height: 5'7"
Hair: Short, red with blonde highlights.
Eyes: Hazel
Style: I like to wear whatever I feel like at the moment, I don't like to wear what other people might think looks best I am my own person and I'll wear whatever I like. I like to wear comfortable things, like blue jeans, Capri's, long skirts, stilettos' are fun looking, and I like to wear colors pink and brown. I also like black and purple and silver. I hate gold jewelry, so I usually wear silver. I only wear one ring, and it is my grad ring with my birthstone in it.
Other: I don't have any tattoos at the moment; however I would like to get one or two done someday. I do however have my ears pierced two times at the bottom, and once at the top of my left ear. I wear glasses for now but I am in the process off getting contacts cause I keep breaking mine. << I'm such a klutz! >> I do wear nail polish, I like getting my nails air brushed, or French manicured. I like to wear makeup, but not all the time and I don't like to wear too much. ^^

.:: E D U C A T I O N . Occupation .

High School: NNEC, North Nova Education Centre
Graduation: 2003-2004
Best Subject: Advanced English, Canadian Literature & Journalism.
Worst Subject: Math
Secondary Education(s): Administrative Medical & Culinary Arts
Certificates: WHMIS, First Aid & CPR
>>Yeah, I didn't know what I wanted to do for a LONG time. I eventually came back to my original dream of being a freelance writer.
Work: OLS & Freelance Writer/Novelist
>>I work from home at my poetry and I work on my latest pet project my novel. The poetry book is published; however I am not as popular as I would presently like to be, so I am working on a novel of my life right now. The way I see it, if I finish it and succeed in at least publishing it I win. I got to tell my story. ^^
>>The other job I work at, OLS is a customer service job. Basically, I sit at a desk all day and answer calls and help people.

.::F A V O R I T E S . L I k e s .

::Writing is my passion I love it. I write poetry, songs, short stories, novels and scripts.
::My best friends are Crystal, Mirria, Dell, Purdy, Candy, Euphy, Lyric, Zero, Hero & CS. Hugs to you all! ^^
::Drawing/Art/Everything to do with art.
::Gaia DUH!
::Evanescence & Hinder
::Anime & Manga
::RPG's, Final Fantasy series, Xenosga, Star Ocean & KH. FFVII is my fav! <3
::Piano, (No I don't play)
::All music, including but not limited to; country, rap/hip hop, metal opera, Latin opera, soft listening, alternative, & more.
::As far as food goes, I love anything salad wise. I LOVE feta cheese, pizza, sun chips, and Coca Cola Zero.
::I watch A LOT of TV shows, some of which are; "24", "Family Guy", "Married With Children", "Inuyasha", "BLEACH", "The Simpsons" & "American Dad"
::I am addicted to James Bond Movies, and FMA. My Favorite movie is FFVII, Advent Children and my favorite bond is Timothy Dalton and my favorite James bond movie is "The Living Daylights" starring Timothy Dalton. <3
::My favorite deserts are blueberry frozen yogurt, ice cream sandwiches and sea shell chocolates. Mmmm.....
::Donating to people XD
::My favorite hangouts on Gaia are my Charity F A N T A J II, my Massive Quest, my Freebie Poetry Contest, The ED, The Exchange, and the Mini shops forum. I am always buying graphics and art!!
:: Johnny Depp. *Drools*

.: biggrin islikes . E w .

::Mean or rude people, or those people who think they are better than other people.
::People who are fake or try to be just like everyone else.
::People who beg, annoy or try and scam people it is shameful.
::People who hurt animals.
::Math or anything to do with large numbers. XS
::People who can be literate but just don't care.
::People who steal graphics! O.O I'm watching you.....

.::Q O U T E S . I L I v e B y .

"You don't need a reason to help someone." - Zidane Tribal FFIX
"After the game, the king and the pawn go into the same box." - Italian Proverb
"It is easier to be wise for others than for ourselves." - Francois De La Rochefoucauld

I collect art, I love hiring commissions. Do you draw? If you'd like to draw for me, PM me. I always tip

Below are my links, I have events I hold because I love Gaian and I also love the people here too. These events are almost always FREE, and you never need to "qualify" really, just be a Gaian, be nice, polite and well go to the threads that is sort of a must! Please support me as well on my own quests, I am just another Gaian like you, and well all need help sometimes. I have my market place Shop banner here, so you can help me a lot by buying my items! I sell Sealeds monthly, if you are looking for a supplier, let me know. wink I also run as I previously mentioned a charity, and we always welcome everyone with our unique style of donations! Check it out!

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|Freebie Poetry Contest | Meh Questie | Art & Poetry | Meh Profile | PM Moi | Art Trades

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My Kitty Squeekers <3
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.:: M A N A S . C l o s e t .

Your typical (or not so typical) closet, containing everything from last years Halloween candy to your forbidden pictures of your grade 1 year. I write some poetry, I draw some pictures, I doole, and of course there are notes and journal entires and



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Miss Esa

Report | 03/02/2012 7:56 am

Miss Esa

Are you still offering free banners for new charities?

Report | 06/29/2009 10:32 pm


hey its me Sonic_the_hedgehog_100000 i forgot my email and my password for that acoount so can u be my friend again

Report | 02/16/2009 7:08 am


Hello there! I'd like to compliment your wicked profile LOL. Also... can you make a banner for my charity? It's new and I just opened it yesterday. I tried making one but I don't exactly like it... Oh and one more thing... is it possible to put a hyperlink on a banner? So that if I put the banner in my signature, then people click it, it takes them right to the charity? Thanks.


Report | 10/02/2008 8:20 am



User Image

Report | 05/21/2008 2:04 am


hello friend,

Just dropping by.. And I want to say How are you? It's been a long time..


Report | 12/31/2007 12:55 pm


Mana i really hope you're doing fine. You and your Family. My best wishes for a lovely New Year. <3

You are missed.:[
Depressed Avenger

Report | 12/24/2007 4:48 am

Depressed Avenger

User Image

and Happy New Year!!!

I'm missing you... User Image

Much love,


Report | 11/01/2007 2:55 pm


donate plzzz

Report | 10/21/2007 8:08 am


A pretty Avi you got there!

Report | 07/14/2007 8:27 pm


hi there...


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