So, I'm Teddi. You probably know me as Lythe Aeon. That's probably more important, considering the internet doesn't use real names for anything other than vigilante justice.

I was raised in the woods in a Pennsylvania village still stuck in the 1940's, so my digital caution is somewhat lacking. I've never had a foe I couldn't mesmerize with the concept of color TV.

I've been on Gaia since...2006? A long time, anyhow. If you work hard enough, you might find something embarrassing that a younger me posted. I absolutely do not recommend that.

Nowadays, I'm a poet, working towards a Master's in Creative Writing (not a path for the faint of heart, I promise you.) I do this because I desire a short life and a young death, or so everyone around me seems to think. Truth is, I'd really rather not do anything else, so...why should I? I work at an indie movie theater in the meantime, which means they pay me make snide comments about Hollywood films (among other, lesser, duties, like making, selling, and eating popcorn.)

I play hella video games, roleplaying pretty actively in World of Warcraft (Moon Guard and Proudmoore for the Alliance, Area 52 and Wyrmrest Accord for the Horde, if you're interested.) I mostly just play Dragon Age though because I'm a hopeless piece of trash.

I do other things, like singing, and ukelele-ing in a band called Gentleman Lemon. We busk in streets for approximately $5.00 a night making us pretty much famous. I crochet, but not well and the rest of time is taken up with table top roleplaying games including but not limited to:

Dungeons and Dragons 3.5
Dungeons and Dragons 5.0
Eclipse Phase
Dragon Age RPG
Any generic [insert theme here] D20


Fear is the mind killer.

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