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I'd like to welcome you to my profile.

In case you're wondering, yes, I am a fairly active Gaian, and it's likely I'll see you around many of the different threads, games, forums, and areas all over Gaia, so feel free to say hello whenever you see me! I'm always open for conversation. smilies/icon_3nodding.gif

If you're wondering about me, personally? I'm 20, at the moment. I adore Adventure Time and Bravest Warriors and Pokemon. Someday, I hope to become a teacher in an Elementary school!

I like to make people smile, and I love the community on this site, and the support and friends I have made here - perhaps, if I don't know you, we could also be friends, too? I'd love that.

My life hasn't been easy, but I try to keep my head up and do at least one good deed a day. If you ever need someone to talk to, please message me. I'm always willing to listen.

I don't know you, but I just want to remind you that we, as a community, are here for you.

You're not alone - never forget that.


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Kanadee Report | 11/26/2014 10:36 pm
Well, he's no longer alive it's fine. .___.
Kanadee Report | 11/26/2014 10:34 pm
Kanadee Report | 11/26/2014 10:32 pm
Aww. :c
Well, you can steal the Sharingan from someone else. O_o
Kanadee Report | 11/26/2014 10:27 pm
Yup! (◠‿◠)
It's like Kakashi with his 8 ninja hounds. ^^;
Kanadee Report | 11/26/2014 10:20 pm
Thank you! (✿◠‿◠) And I love your avi.
You look like a badass and yet you have all of these cute animals around you.
Kanadee Report | 11/26/2014 10:13 pm
Ello! ^-^
Skyllaeh Report | 11/25/2014 5:09 pm
I love your avi emotion_kirakira
Robojack corner Report | 10/21/2014 4:38 am
Robojack corner
Thanks for buying
dee dee little Report | 10/20/2014 2:40 pm
dee dee little
Thanks for buying from the store.
Sayuri-senpai Report | 10/18/2014 8:25 pm
If you don't know me, then it means I'm doing my job! Only the people who need me find me, and the people who find me by accident, generally don't know what I do. Part of my pricing is silence. As she speaks, she seems rather proud of her accomplishments. They like to call me the fox - hard to find, hell to contain, but more intelligent than you'd like to admit!

And this old thing? As the large shuriken is eluded to, she swings it around her shoulder and plants one of the sharp tips in the ground with a -shnnk!- Upon further inspection, there are latches and hinges on the seams of the weapon, which she undoes to open one of the triangular sides like a door. Inside there are an array of glass orbs no larger than a marble neatly arranged. Florist -and- herbalist. I grow a lot of my own plants.. largely neurotoxins and the like which I use to fight. Blood shedding weapons are barbaric!

( Were you totally going to reference Kurama from YYH? I had to really restrain myself from stealing any of his abilities. He used to be my faaaavorite! And also, I rotate ninjas a lot! So I definitely understand not being in your normal character. This one is actually my current favorite main named Shiori. But I have TON of nins. 3nodding )


GCD & CB's Resident Ninja~

Currently Questing: NOTHING~!

Yaaay~! I got Hooded Fighter! I mean, I sold nearly everything item I have, but.... yay!
(Last Updated: October 2nd)


Oh? You noticed?


P.s. i love you