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Nickname: Mhine, Toph, Topher

Location: Cebu, Philippines

It's never too late to make things right.
Falling in love is a chance. Staying in love is a choice
Just cause I dont like you doesnt mean you dont deserve my respect.
Mistakes are what makes us human.
Only the fearless can be great.
Keep moving forward.

I believe in...
Second chances

Likes and Favorites...
Food: Lechon! Bacon. Potatoes (prepared in any way)
Color: Silver, Blue
Cartoons: Teen titans, Avatar Airbender, Amazing World of Gumball
Series: CSI, Criminal Minds, Cold Case, Brain Games, My Bleeped up Brain, Iron Chef America, Master Chef
Movies: Meet the Robinsons, Count of Monte Cristo, Law Abiding Citizen

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