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Ello! I'm
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I'm a socially-awkward anime junky, who spends more time caught up in games, music, and anime to have too much of a social life. I only have my best friend who is now my adopted sister, and the Birf (boyfriend for those who can't exactly put the pieces together). Aside from my family they are the only ones I really talk with (though they practically are family so I don't think they count...). It's not that I hate people, It's just I have no idea how to approach them. If you wanna be friends, maybe you should make the first move? Welp, back to my characteristics! I would like to say I'm pretty nice to others. I'll pick you up when you are down, and am always there if help is needed. I don't judge others for their individuality or preferences. To quote Eminem, “I don't care if you're black, white, straight, bisexual, gay, lesbian, short, tall, fat, skinny, rich or poor. If you're nice to me, I'll be nice to you. Simple as that.”.
I'm the kind of person who has been shaped by the lessons of her mistakes, which we should all be. I have made far too many errors through my short life so far and I refuse to let them be for nothing. I want to say I'm brilliantly wise, and you can prove otherwise (wont be hard (that rhymed!)). I'm a goofball if you get to know me who is too kind for her own good. Even if you cross me, I would let you borrow my only pencil and give you half my lunch if you are hungry. Sometimes even I don't understand myself.


~*~Details about me and my life so far~*~

Here I shall enlighten you of my hobbies, future goals, and beliefs. If this is your friendship deal breaker, then let's go our separate ways. I would prefer to not waste times for either of us. Though if you're interested in becoming friends, please do send a PM my way. 4laugh
As stated above, I do enjoy anime. A lot actually. Over the past three years I would say I've watched roughly 700+ anime. I am always open for suggestions!
My escape from reality mostly consists of music though. I listen to metal or rock of many variates. My favorite artist is Maynard James Keenan ( emotion_kirakira emotion_drool ), the lead singer for the bands Tool, A Perfect Circle, and Puscifer. His voice hypnotizes me. I love the rawness and aggression in the work of Tool, the subtle and calm work of A Perfect Circle (with a few exceptions), and I just enjoy Puscifer's work. In fact, my favorite song is REV. 22:20. I have it on the side over there <-- So just give it a listen! I also enjoy Nine Inch Nails, The foo (Foo Fighters), Placebo, and many more. If you have suggestions, please give those as well.
I play very few video games, like Minecraft, Final fantasy, COD, Resistance, Halo, and so on. I love RPG games the most, because I get to know the character and those who accompany them along the story. I watch many Let's Plays, My favorite groups are Rooster Teeth's Achievement Hunter, Tobuscus, and Markiplier. I strongly recomend them if you enjoy Let's Plays as well. Yes, I am aware I have no life. No, I do not care. emotion_bigheart
I do the ocasional doodle here and there, but I can't say it's too much of a hobby. I would love to see other's art though.
I enjoy to cook, though I am poopy at it for the moment. Just beginning to make complicated stuff. I do however know how to make good cheap dishes so during collage I wont have to eat Ramen noodles every freaking night. yum_burger yum_strawberry yum_coldone yum_onigiri yum_cupcake yum_icecreampie yum_strawberrypie yum_puddi
I used to be in marching band, though due to many factors I recently quit. It stopped being fun and was shaped into a battlefield where I didn't often make it home without shedding a few tears. Pathetic, I know. Now I shall find another way to pass time during school. I still love band, and I will enjoy watching my school march during the games. I have acquaintances there that expect me to cheer for them, and I will. Oh, if you were wondering, I played Contra Bass Clarinet during concert season. Last year I played Bass Clarinet during marching, but this year I had begun the Clarinet which at the time I hadn't touched since the sixth grade.

Future Goals
I plan to work in the mathematics field. To me, math is almost as enjoyable as video games. I love puzzles, and math is just one huge puzzle. I'm not quite sure what exactly it is I will be doing, which is awful considering soon I will be a high school graduate who is already on her path to her grand future that is still in the process of being thought out. Meh. I'll figure it out though.

As for beliefs, I have no religion and much rather enjoys looking into all religions to see what I agree with and what I don't. No, I do not believe anyone is wrong in what they believe in. It's their beliefs to have and it would be no less than absurd for me to judge them and declare them incorrect on the matter. Believe what you want, and leave me to my own thoughts.
I do however believe we should all accept one another for who we are and end the judgmental society we live in today. Please see the Eminem quote above for an example. That is how we should be to everyone we meet, and maybe things would be turning out much better for everyone. Not everything can be fixed with respect though, somethings we must take action and fix before it is too late *cough* ENVIRONMENT *cough*. Let's stop saying we will do something and do it for the love of spaghetti and all that is Italian goodness!


Well, that is all I have to say. Thank you for visiting my profile, and thank you for hopefully respecting me for who I am.
I wish you a good day, and may life treat you well.


Sooooo..... Leave a comment~
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XxKinari the lost soulxX
Hello again. Love the avatar c:
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Rei Kasumi
http://i1154.photobucket.com/albums/p524/iiSuicidalHeart/Mobile Uploads/350CA48D-1299-4FE5-A34F-A221D692B501.jpg
Rei Kasumi Report | 08/04/2014 3:17 pm
Rei Kasumi
that is a really long about me haha
XxKinari the lost soulxX Report | 05/29/2014 10:17 pm
XxKinari the lost soulxX
It is cute and yay for remembering me!
XxKinari the lost soulxX Report | 05/27/2014 8:24 pm
XxKinari the lost soulxX
Heyyy 8D I dunno if you remember me buuuut. I love the avi emotion_bigheart
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Fantasy  Winter
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wow lol XD
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so luckiness D:
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love ur face want the loving manner face ;m;
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hmm pretty well XD

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