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Banners made for Meh

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OKies so u need a banner done try this Bish, shes great at them ^o^

she doesnt charge much so state what you would like, the banner theme, ideas, avais pictures included & set the Tip amount/price!! easy to talk to & friendly; ask away

banner she did for meh^^
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well visit her profile to see more examples of the work shes done for other people


TY to Spy for giftin meh a banner, soo sweet of her!

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Message from Bun Bish^^
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Signs made for Meh

TY Lixi .. stop being so hawt

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TY to Hiou .. super cute

Hiou makes signs her shop is here>

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Nin's signs shop>
Ninja and Panda's Shop

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moar <3

Sign from Yan
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Charm Sign
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Cupcakes awesume messg <3
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Tap meh pls - Quest 1K Taps :'O

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About der nuub

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lv Account retired
zOmg player

R.I.F.P.'s Lanzer Madvoc Swarf Zero Omega

T234LovelyCassie: what about the green guy from the back of the tree stump?

Well i wont be on here that much .. you have been warned before adding me

I have taken a one year hiatus, getting on with real life, finding my dreams. Online wise i am on other games. Sorry it really has been too long since I have been here, so if you name change/i forget you, just remind me a bit about yourself, it helps <3

I will be on here, and on my alt, so if you know me feel free to add me, otherwise drop me a messge, and dont be a stranger

some 'paper signs' with 'lvkewl'

PM with the picture. And send me a trade. I will send you 5 Billion Gold

As you can guess I love the colour green

hihi I am new to this place, and need lots of help :s I am an newbie, and happened on this site by accident after seeing an aquarium!!! then got sucked into this beautiful world hehe. hope u'll chat with me .. see u soon oxo

Clans & Forums

* No clan 01/01/12 - Current
* zOMGAWDz! 01/09/10 - 01/01/12
* Big Big Crew 01/09/10
* Shadow Assassin's Clan 12/01/10 - left 01/09/10
* Angels Regulars - Asleep?
* S.I.N. 18/10/09
* Dragon Sky Clan - 19/9/09 - Closed
* Kitsune Town
* Forever True - The Neji x Hinata Guild 9/9/09

Favorite TV Shows

* Westworld
* Breaking Bad
* Game of Thrones
* Terminator Chronicles
* Top Gear UK (all seasons)
* House (all seasons)
* Star Trek TNG/Voyager/Enterprise (all)

Favorite Movies/Anime

* Attack on Titan
* Highschool/ of the dead/ DxD
* Elfen Lied
* Casino Royale
* Terminator 2 Judgement Day
* Howls Moving Castle
* Spirited Away
* Zatoichi
* Shinobi Heart under blade
* Train Man
* Shallow Grave, Trainspotting
* L for Love L for Lies
* Blood Diamond
* Eastern Promises
* Reign of Assassins
* 13 Assassins
* Leon the Professional
* Single White Female
* Point of No Return
* Black Swan
* Any movies about mental illness


* zOMG RPG .. what else
* Anime~ Samuari Champloo, Basara, Burst Angel? I,Me,Strawberrys? Elfin Lied? Gundam Destiny, Basilisk, Samurai Girls
* My Cat, an abandoned/stray i found!
* Technology~ netbooks, consoles
* Foods~ Pasta, Ramen, crispy Pork cutlets, roasted Pork, Lamb Chump, Salmon Sushi/sashmi, roasted beef
* Drinks~ Coke & vodka, Scotch


* Queens Stoneage, Elastica, Echobelly, Greenday, Sum41, Blink182, JJ72, System of Down, Blur, Coldplay, Foo Fighters, White Stripes, Mr., Tse Ting Fung, Orange Range, Chickenfoot

* What I am watching on Youtube right now, and often Metallica Nothing else Matters/Unforgiven; Guns&Roses November Rain/Dont Cry/Sweet Child O'mine/Paradise City; Republica DDG/Ready to Go; Cardigans Erase Rewind/my fav game; Orange Range ラヴ・パレード Love Parade; Wondergirls Nobody; Lee Hyori U-Go-Girl/Hey Mr. Big; Amerie 1Thing; Epik High Fly/One;

Fav Console Games

PS2 ~ Need for Speed - Mosted Wanted, Burnout Revenge, Genji, Monster Hunter2, Dynasty Warriors Series, Dawn of Dreams, Seed of Destiny Gen of CE, Project Altered Beast, Flatout 1 & 2, Kamiwaza, Shinobi Imashime, MK Shaolin Monks, Winning Eleven 9, God of War, Drag on Dragoon2, 25 to Life, Fight Night3, Hustle, Final Fantasy12, God Hand
PS3 ~ Ninja Gaiden, Genji2, Tekken6, n4s: undercover, n4s : hot pursuit, Winning Eleven 2009, God of War 3,
Wii ~ Redsteel 1 & 2, Naruto Clash Ninja Rev 2, Zelda, Trauma centre New Blood,
SNES ~ Double Dragon, Street Fighter, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Sensible Soccer, Firefox, Mario

Gifts from Donators & Donatees moved to journal

Ma Nicknames: LV, kewl, Mr Zombie Foxy, Erubii, Slowpoke, Captain



[i:e5ee53a57f]Lucky Irish[/color:e5ee53a57f] boi[/i:e5ee53a57f] questing green inks, [img:e5ee53a57f][/img:e5ee53a57f], bugs & [img:e5ee53a57f][/img:e5ee53a57f][/color:e5ee53a57f]
.. & for Green Stripers[/color:e5ee53a57f][img:e5ee53a57f][/img:e5ee53a57f] name your price/trade!
please ^3^ green[/color:e5ee53a57f] ftw

Awesome Banner made by Blood

TY 'B ' but i didnt really deserve this :O !!!
glad to av chu as mah awesome friend .. i'll try & watch over you the best i can , kk. LV out 17/02/10

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Amazing Banner made by Rob

User Image

TY to Rob for mah Vals day banner 15/02/10
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Banner frm BFFL <3

User Image

User Image

Join cos ur a melon & neko fan xd

Watermelon Fest All Year

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Watermelon Fest All Year


4 gifts received

  • Monthly Collectible Letter for February 2011

    From private

  • Thank You Letter for September 2010

    From private

  • zOMG! Revive

    From benjibunneh

  • December Birthstone Crown

    From private

Art Collection ~ Questing Art 8 out of 28

00/00/10 'lvkewl chibi sketch motion'. Free Art done by Xyana
User Image

Pls visit this great upcoming artist Xyana
she made this amazing chibi of me & i luv it, so much attention to detail & very kawaii, so drop by & talk to her about how great she is, TY

17/02/10 'LV & Dems'. Art brought by Dems^o^ i <3 chu mah luv!! Artist unknown
User Image

??/??/09 'Dems & LV'. Art given to Dems & i stole it for mah pro cos its superdelious :'O Artist by sum Foxy chick xd
User Image

17/07/10 'lv & Earl'. Art given to meh by Earl!! <3 chu ya find der best artists .. i still dunno what bribing is o: Artist by
User Image

User Image

Below from [ B+ ] she da best bish <3
User Image

User Image

Woot thx B+ <3 'irish pawn' you did is sooo amazing
User Image

User Image

Moar Art

00/00/00 'Pandidora Bubbles' means bath; but not for popping!!
User Image

User Image

Current Quest

Paper Signs please

Tick Tock click de note

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Dream Avais

Made by Pluv ^o^

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The Nightmare 4th Gen.
Midnight Kei
CoCo Kitty Plushie - Brought
Death Whisper (13th gen) - Brought
Raider Shih's Garment - Brought
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