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Birthday: 06/27



Hey there, my name's LuxuriousLovings, You can call me anything from Lux to Lovings.

What my friends had to say about me:
Well I am very fun most of the time.
Carefree, and I like it when my friends are happy.
Random people invading my space, not my fav.
I think of myself as better than some people,
namely those who are annoying and ignorant, among others.
I don't like it when things don't go my way, but
when they do, I am kind and I show my appreciation.
I've been told I know how to charm
and how to make you feel special.
I have awesome selfies and I am fun to hang around when
I am in a good mood, which I usually am.
But catch me at the wrong moment....
Moving on.
I am very pretty, and maybe a bit self-centered
though, who isn't self-centered.
I like making people feel good
but not if it means a whole lot of work,
Unless it is a close friend,
cause lets face it, I'm lazy.
I have certain buttons which, if pushed,
can really set off my temper, and I do have a temper.
One thing I've noticed on Gaia, females wearing the Renard hair.
I'm sorry, but we cannot be friends lol.
Speaking of friends, I go through my friends list frequently.
If you don't talk to me often, you will most likely be removed.
Overall, I know how to keep a smile
and a really pretty one at that ^.~
To sum it all up, I'm a party startin',
nail paitin', hair flippin', drama watchin', pole dancing,
spiked smoothy drinker who loves to be spoiled and
seems to spend all her time on league.

What my horoscope had to say about me:
Deeply intuitive and sentimental, Cancer can be one of the most challenging Zodiac signs to get to know. Emotion runs strong for this sign, and when it comes to family and home, nothing is more important. Sympathetic and empathetic, Cancerians are greatly attuned to those around them. Devotion is the keyword for this sign, making them wonderfully sensitive people to be around.
Compassion, emotional sensitivity, fierce protection of loved ones, tenacity.
Manipulative, indirect conflict, clinging to the past, insecure, packrat.
Charismatic marks:
Medium build, round face, prominent breasts, a tendency to take charge.
Relaxing near or in water, art, home-based hobbies, a good meal with friends, helping loved ones.
Strangers, revealing of personal life, any criticism of Mom.
Best environment:
Cancer will always be most comfortable at home, close to family, familiar things, and dear friends.
"I feel" is the key phrase for Cancer, and this is all too evident when it comes to love. Tender and gentle, Cancerians will show sensitivity with their lovers without a second thought. They love readily and choose a mate who can understand them as much as possible. Superficial or overly ambitious partners are not well-suited. The Cancer lover will look for someone who is equally intuitive. They are devoted partners and love children.
When it comes to friendships, the Cancer person is very helpful. They're almost always willing to lend a hand, providing it doesn't conflict with family obligations. Friends are held in high regard and are generally of like mind. Because the Cancerian generally prefers the home scene rather than going out, folks who enjoy visiting and sharing activities such as cards or at-home dining are top picks for buddies. Although their deeply intuitive, heart-not-head personality makes Cancerians very sympathetic, it can also make them a little hard to understand. Time is the cure for this!

Things I like to do on Gaia would include: roleplaying, towns2, shopping in the market place, coming up with new avi's and talking with friends.
(I'm really craving a good roleplay atm, so hit me up)

Other things I'm interested in on the computer would be League of Legends, and Youtube!


Big Thanks To

From My Wish List:
Kiro_Shinigami ~ Runcible Spoon
ZorosGirl11 ~ Revive (regular)
-l- The Painted Doll -l- ~ Ghi Amp (regular)
Raiinbew emurgen-C ~ Blind Oracle
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Perpetual Reason ~ Dainty Damsel - Adventures Of Sailor Boy
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snowqueenholly ~ Rose Saga 2nd Gen.


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