Luthien Tinvuiel

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Gender: Female

Location: Somewhere.

Birthday: 02/13

Occupation: Ranger.

Night elves ( character theme )

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Luthien my celestial elf

Odette my fallen goddess

Eleanor, The huntress

Real me


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Fairy Sphere Report | 09/19/2017 6:08 pm
Fairy Sphere
same i hope i dont have to move back home next year ,i think i'll be happer here were i am
Fairy Sphere Report | 09/18/2017 2:08 pm
Fairy Sphere
hi how are u today
MicroDotz Report | 08/24/2017 6:40 pm
hope your lil kitty is okay emotion_kirakira
i can design signs if yu need them; jus ask; its no problem~
thn again i hope its just your cat having lieka mid-to-latesummer kittygangbang before winter an everythings okay in the long run O wO
i have an outdoor kitty and its happened where i dont see her 3-4days but she comes back or is hiding under something nearby~
i usu. try whistling or something; possibly it just lets her know im nearby~ you doing okay?
Brooklyn Hyuuga Report | 07/18/2017 8:27 pm
Brooklyn Hyuuga
So pretty emotion_kirakira
MicroDotz Report | 06/30/2017 8:46 pm
hi friend :3 im jonah btw
Fairy Sphere Report | 06/29/2017 11:38 pm
Fairy Sphere
aw ur avatar is lovely 3nodding
Valerth Report | 06/28/2017 7:39 pm
SAME! I'm not even looking at that item, i don't understand why that item is so much to begin with!!! gonk
Valerth Report | 06/28/2017 6:10 pm
Yeah i sold my seeker item cause I only used it once though i loved it and was abe to get this moth item for about 350bil not happy but i didn't know if it would deflate anytime soon, as for the white one... gawd its so painful to see the price :ego:
i can't remember the last time i truly wanted an item bad enough to sell items i don't want to for gold... but i just want it for one pose and i can't see dishing out so much gold for one pose on an item >___>
Valerth Report | 06/23/2017 3:05 pm
LOL no worries, its lavender hair :] and the arms are uuuh natural arms razz
Fairy Sphere Report | 06/08/2017 4:42 pm
Fairy Sphere
hi how are you


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