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You may call me Lust.

I have been here on Gaia since just shyly before I turned 16. This account is my second account as my first one was lost- now I am 28. Yes- I have been on Gaia for over 12 years now.

You can find me in Exchange, QA, Life Style forums. I dont do roleplaying. I like to dress up, collecting things, make friends and helping the others on Gaia.

I used to be a Exchange Ventor- but after the missive changes in Marketplace- I have fall back to square one. Which Im not going to focus on that for now.

About me, I am profoundly Deaf- And I cannot speak- which explains why mu grammar isnt so great but understandable at least. First language is American Sign Language- Obviously. lol.

I love greens, and turtles- Im sure you can tell.

Im from Canada- used to be on East Coast- but now, central. [Nova Scotia to Ontario]
Im pansexual- I only falls for personilities, not genders.
Yes I have an partner, been together since Oct 26, 2014.

Will add more later. <3

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