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Female // 1_ // Southern // Crazy

Want to know anymore, pm me!!

Likes :
Animals <3
Art <3
The Woods <3
Friends <3
Anime <3
Ice Skating <3

Dislikes :
Meat </3
People </3
Spelling </3
School </3

I ℓove to rp and I would extremely ℓove art!

ArT <3

By : xXmystery momoXx

By: x_iSallyNguyen_x

Art <3 <--Link!
By: Anon -MK (Midnight)

By: Anon -Tink the Blink

By: UNION jack__ x

Quotes <3

There is an "end" in friend
There is an "over" in lover
there is a "lie" in believe

Love sucks♥

By ~ One of my friends ;3 I got it from His siggy so i hope he don't mind

Pictures, anyone?


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Human C Potion
Whimsical Wisteria (Innocence - with Bunny Plush)
Climbing Demon (Bone Horns)
Counterfeit Betrothed (Legs)
Light Camille Hair
Climbing Demon
SDPlus #418 Melody (Face)

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Vagran Sea (Stockings and Shoes)
Wendy\'s Memories
Kanoko\'s Dream (Eyes)
G-LOL White Maiden Skirt
Posh Mack Jocobi Vest
Demon Vassal (Tail)
Silent Night (Half-Cape)
Human C Potion
Light Madelyne Hair (White)

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Human C Potion
Princess Manner (u wink)
Ebony Debutante (Smoky Eyes)
Silkrose Stroll (Bustier)
Silkrose Stroll
Cupid Lips (Black)
Wendy\'s Kindness (Lovely Locks)
Nartian Star (Dark Star)
The Lusty Scoundrel (Glistening Skin)
Counterfeit Widow (Legs)
V\'s Sketchbook (Arms)
Soaring Demon

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Most of this stuff is random anyway sooo xD


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x Jamell x

Report | 07/08/2015 7:36 am

x Jamell x

Momo.. ^o^
Chunky Muffin Love

Report | 05/12/2015 10:58 pm

Chunky Muffin Love

Hey~ Haven't seen you in awhile >.<
Reiko Iwamaru

Report | 05/09/2015 5:51 am

Reiko Iwamaru

Lol yeah. Both book and movie are really thrilling, super scary. The writer's directors did a really good job. I....think I either watched a few portions of it, or I just watched it the whole way through...I don't remember. Now I gotta watch it again.
Lmao, all the adults were horrified of both the book and the movie in my family, so they NEVER wanna watch/read it again lol

*must find in book stores so I must read* emotion_dowant
Reiko Iwamaru

Report | 05/08/2015 3:57 am

Reiko Iwamaru

Pfft, He sounds like one of those obnoxious teenage boys in my highschool. Gross..they're everywhere. Nobody can avoid obnoxiousness emotion_puke

Yeah..seems like one way. x.x It's better not to retaliate to him though, like pranks or anything. He's on a immature level of immaturity, and it's best not to go down to it.

Just try holding up...but if he grates nerves too much, then no choice but to call him out on it. Lmao, I certainly would XD

"Yo man stop messin wit yo sistaaaaaah" XD

Captcha is "Here's Johnny"

I am in a conflict where I want + want to avoid watching The Shining again. XD
Reiko Iwamaru

Report | 05/06/2015 3:07 am

Reiko Iwamaru


Oh wow. What a little butt. Was he doing that for attention? stare or did he just reaaaaally wanna bug you?
Reiko Iwamaru

Report | 05/02/2015 2:56 pm

Reiko Iwamaru


XDD LITERALLY. I am your brother's age. Lol, I can have him, and then I will troll him. I will troll him hard and make him come running back to you so he stops annoying you lol
Reiko Iwamaru

Report | 05/02/2015 7:26 am

Reiko Iwamaru

Lolol it's okay. XD emotion_hug

Life gets the hang of all of us at times.

:O brotheeerrrr so jealous you have a brother. How old is he? blaugh
Reiko Iwamaru

Report | 04/10/2015 4:10 am

Reiko Iwamaru

XDD Aww Skylar. >w<

Izzy's a super shy guy, so be prepared for hear him sputter a lot when trying to tell her, lol. He's not a talker. whee
Gosh, Izzy + Skylar is already making me squee. They're so cute~
Reiko Iwamaru

Report | 04/09/2015 6:23 pm

Reiko Iwamaru

Yeaaaaah >w<

Just out of curiosity..

I edited Izzy's last post a bit, and so...he's opening up a bit (finally! since he's a shy handsome princey poo XD) and is considering telling Skylar about his mental issues.
How would Skylar honestly react to him being schizo?
Captcha is cup of coffee...

ironically...this is where they first interacted...a coffee shop. XD
Reiko Iwamaru

Report | 04/09/2015 4:23 am

Reiko Iwamaru

Sweeet >w<

Should we pick up were we left off with Izzy and Skylar?


I used to be xXmystery momoXx