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Soft spoken and standing at an even five feet tall, Luna is a fairly shy and timid girl, usually keeping to herself. After living in isolation on the moon for so long, she isn't too sure how talk to other people. She would like to make friends with people, but also often has trouble approaching them due to bad past experiences. She is very empathetic and often tries to help people who seem troubled. She believes that almost everything happens for a reason, and is generally very forgiving. However, it can take a long time for her trust to be regained.

Luna is immortal like the nations. When she dies, she will reincarnate about three days after, sometimes longer depending on the cause of death. She has a fear of drowning, and typically tries to avoid going near bodies of water. Luna gets sick somewhat easily, but as a result does not usually endure anything more serious than a cold.

Because she often has a lot of time on her hands, she likes to read books. At night, she can often be found outside gazing up at the stars. In the dark, she naturally gives off a luminescent glow. Because this can sometimes attract negative attention from people, she doesn't like to be out in populated areas at night. She likes staying indoors, but also enjoys nature and most wildlife.

The ancients believed that all the traits of the moon were reflected on earth as women. The Moon reflects the light of the Sun, represent man because man was all powerful and so was the sun’s life force. In those days when the patriarchal society was at its height the woman was a possession of the man. The wife reflected the light of the husband, she never had her own. Women were fickle like the many phases of the moon and the cycle of moon correlated with the menstrual cycle and the ever-changing tides. The moon came out at night, which represented in ancient times the dark side of life or the hidden and mysterious part of mankind. And the fact that women had children was one of the great mysteries of life.


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