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Luna and her group of fantasic dorks


Birthday: 04/04


Hello! My name is Luna Equinox~
You may call me Luna, Royal, or Equinox if you would like :> I have been on Gaia for over about 2 years now, though I don't get on as often as I used to.
I love Homestuck and a ton of animes, and I am not as outgoing as most. I don't really talk to others and when people I don't really know talk to me I feel really just eygfksdkaejhdjs cat_emo
I am not necessarily shy, I just hate people : D //shot. Just kidding.

If you have a dA, tumblr, or Wattpad, we could also talk on there as well ; w ;
Just look me up, on all sites I am simply just known as NightmareEquinox. cat_redface

gaia_crown gaia_nitemareleft Nightmare Equinox gaia_nitemareright gaia_crown

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