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I'm wearing dis stuff!


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About Me!!!!!

Hi!! My name is Laurie, I'm an asian female, and those are the basics of what you should know about me!

My favorite color is blue! I love animals, I used to have hamsters, I used to have turtles, and through all those 'used to's' I have my three fish, Black, Red Eye, and Snail. On March 1st 2013, Black past away. (S)he's been with me for 8 years, RIP.

In no particular order, my top 5 animals would have to be
- Wombats
- Baby elephants
- Corgis
- Bunnies
- Hamsters

One of my guilty pleasures is kpop u_u After watching Dream High (Korean Drama) I was hooked :c Don't judge 'till you try it!! I used to hate dramas but after Dream High, it just changed everything... Anyways, my favorite group is 2pm! I recently watched a drama that's really made me like Lee Minho u///. ////u

Anyhow, if you have anything to say to me, leave me a comment or PM me! ^-^

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Hashtable Report | 04/24/2014 12:07 am
something heart
Hashtable Report | 12/04/2013 6:33 am
Noooooo it says your phone got disconnected or turned off. crying Nuuuuuuu!!!!!

Hashtable Report | 08/20/2013 6:02 pm
xD I'll probably just let it sit in case I decide to come back into business again then. ninja Though I doubt it.. I spent WAY too much time trading.. rofl

Wow nice! burning_eyes Lol my best game was with Poppy and I went 42:10:10.. xd How did you only die 2 times? rofl
Hashtable Report | 08/15/2013 7:01 pm
Haha yeah, I guess so. xd I was gonna say I can donate.. my gold/trash pile is just sitting around. xd
O: Nice biggrin I have an Android Nexus III. 3nodding

You should! >:] Lol join meh sometime. whee
And supp? biggrin
Hashtable Report | 07/27/2013 4:35 pm
Haha ikr? Lol I should sell off some of my millions of trash probably.. but so lazy.. gonk Do you still have any open quests? /curious
What kind of phone do you have? /curious

Lolwut? I thought usually you got to choose one. xd Oh wait, you're in Canada? :O I took three years of French in highschool. Probly don't remember much though. :c

Haha aww math isn't that bad. rofl Well unless the teacher is bad.. which is probly true for anything. xd

Do eeeet. Ahri's so much better with it. 3nodding
Lol I should stop playing so much.. rofl Though I guess I'll have to when school starts anyways. xd
Hashtable Report | 07/22/2013 11:23 pm
Lol ikr? I used to play zomg like crazy, but LoL is more challenging.. xd And my trash ventures kind of sapped my energy for trading. xd
Really? O: It always does for me.. Strange.. maybe cause I always have internets? o3o

Haha lazy bones. :3 Don't you have to take a foreign language for school though? o:

Lol well. I am a half math major, so I have to take more math than most. mad And the CS classes were all full.. xd So I'm taking 3 math classes this semester. burning_eyes

You should.. It's so much easier and you'll never want to go back. 3nodding
Like you can cancel Katarina's ultimate with charm (with luck and practice D smile if you use it. heart Utterly impossible without. D:
Hashtable Report | 07/22/2013 6:43 pm
Ikr? I'm kinda drifting away too. :c I already was and then meebo died.. :c Glad you added me on Kik. xd

Yeah that's always the hardest part. rofl Are you planning on ever actually learning? O;

Mmm my school starts late August too. 3nodding So going to drown in math. x_x Taking 3 math classes. xd At least I'm only going to have to work 20 hours. heart
Baha nice. heart I just started using smartcast with her. The improvement in response time is incredible. heart Lol we should 1v1 each other sometime. XD Great fun dodging skillshots. xd
Hashtable Report | 07/16/2013 4:21 pm
Baha Ikr? They need to make more hours in a day. burning_eyes

Lol I guess.. .__. Feeling pretty lost right now trying to make these algorithm things work. >:[ XD They're pure evil.
xD I started learning Korean a while back and got lazy too. xd The hangul doesn't look that difficult though. surprised

Yay for being lazy!~ heart When does school start again for you? O:
How is you? :O
Hashtable Report | 07/13/2013 5:06 pm
Lol I'm not consistent neither, but it's still fun. heart
Haha let me know if you ever wanna play again and I'll get on. xd Been playing entirely too much lately. .__.

Lol there's still a lot that I don't understand though. gonk So I watch with subtitles still. xd I'm reading Yotsubato gradually in Japanese though for fun. surprised
Haha that's because it is just over simplified Chinese. 3nodding The kanji are all taken from Chinese and the hiragana/katana are basically just simplified versions of certain kanji... xd

Yay for being lazy. heart I wanna be lazy too. gonk
Hashtable Report | 07/10/2013 9:10 pm
Psssh if you can play Ahri well consistently, then other characters aren't too bad. O;
Though now I'm just playing Ahri.. xd Being the carry and killing everyone is funnnnnnn. rofl

Mmmm.... if I watch an anime without subtitles, I can generally understand what's going on at least. surprised And I know... ~300 kanji so far? 3nodding Trying to get better lately though when I'm not lazy. surprised

Ooh nice~ I bet it's not too boring that way then. :3
And yes, I do work quite a bit. -_- Lol last semester I worked insane amounts... and this summer I've been kind of conservative about clocking my time, so I end up working a bit more than I should.. though getting better about that as I'm getting more confident with my skills. 3nodding


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