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All About Me..c:

Haithar. c:
My name is Julia. smilies/icon_smile.gif

I'm a gLeek and Anime fan. ;D ♫
I draw. c:
And I play instruments. I love music. It's basically..My life, other than my mom yelling at me to do math 24/7. o-o

I do art. If you want some, please request! ((:
Here is my website/samples: http://xxbunnaymistiixx.deviantart.com/

I love music. I really do. It's something that helps me, to calm down. I relate to it. <3

I also love writing. It's a great way for me to express how I feel. c:

And...I love photography. I love soft colors, like light pink, light blue, gray, and pastels. But I still love shades of blue and green. They're calm. c:
I love calm, soft, beautiful pictures.
They show serenity..And, it's so calm and moving, for me.

I also adore inspirational things. Such as:
Inspirational songs and music~
Inspirational quotes~
Inspirational pictures~
They keep me going when life is rough. <3

~Usually, I have a song stuck in my head. c:. Right now, it's Bleed, by Hot Chelle Rae. ^-^

Well, nice meeting you! ^0^

Stalkers. :/


Meeee. 8D. Obviously, LOL.

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Registered: 07/30/2009

Gender: Female

Birthday: 02/14

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Insantitty Report | 06/13/2012 8:01 pm
I could be so much worse, so I can't really ever complain about being unhappy anyways.
I don't want to be a senior. High school is going to be s**t, and the talents in my cluster next year are boring as ********. D8
I hope you're happy at Hunter, which you probably are. Mark Twain isn't as great as it used to be, so I don't think you'd want to be here.

Anyways, sorry for the late reply. Are you feeling okay at the moment?
Insantitty Report | 06/11/2012 5:47 pm
Well, good luck on your math final! c: I'm sure you'll do great. You can hang out with them during the summer, so you won't have to miss them that much. 8D And you have facebook, so~ I'm pretty sure you haven't wasted your year, as long as you had fun, and there wasn't too much terrible drama. Personally, I'm fine, but I hated this year. ; ~ ;

Iady kitsune Report | 06/11/2012 5:30 pm
Iady kitsune
well, thanks ^ ^ ;;
Insantitty Report | 06/11/2012 4:15 pm
hay bbg
you're so pretty
can you feed my fetus
i'm ok, i'm managing

How 'bout you? ; u ;
Dindito Report | 06/11/2012 4:14 pm
No problem and thanks. whee
Iady kitsune Report | 06/11/2012 3:12 pm
Iady kitsune
you're welcome c:
& thanks ~ your avi and profile are just as cute ❤
my profile isn't even a profile. it's just blah .___.
Sweet NightmareX9 Report | 06/11/2012 1:49 pm
Sweet NightmareX9
your welcome!! cat_emo cat_mrgreen
Charm3dPrincess Report | 06/07/2012 12:32 pm
no problem smile
Insantitty Report | 06/02/2012 11:06 am
We've both been saying that for weeks, maybe months. Yet right after having these little few day intervals of talking, we just stop and go on without talking to each other for another month or more. We can stay like this forever, saying,"We can try to make things the way they used to be", but if we don't actually try, we're never going to get anywhere. I don't know whether it's genuinely possible to fix our friendship. We'd have to keep talking and trying everyday for that to happen, and I have some doubt that we'd continue going in that direction after a while.

Julia, do you honestly think that we can fix things between us? Would we both be willing to put effort into our friendship? Please answer honestly.
NeonKnightmare Report | 05/31/2012 10:27 am
LOL, we were my sister uses my account, sorry.

║██║put this
║(o)║on ur page
╚══╝if u like music

My dream avatar, chibi drawn by me.
If you want art, PM me, or comment. c:

Thanks to Candlelight
Reminiscence for donating
me 2 turtle doves, and
the alternate Moira top.
^^ <3

DeviantArt: http://xxbunnaymistiixx.deviantart.com/
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/naturecutie141
Tumblr: http://luminant-dreams.tumblr.com/