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yo, ********.

Call me Lulu.
Here's the important s**t about me, mixed in with some useless trivia.

* I'm a writer. It defines me. I live it, I love it, I'm not alive unless I'm writing. Create or perish!
* In training to become a counsellor.
* Quite interested in psychology. I have two degrees on it, in fact. Want to discuss it? Give me a bell!
* I can be considered eccentric. I love this about myself, and I prize it quite highly.
* I occasionally play Team Fortress 2 and Pokémon. I am, however, quitting most videogames. IMO, it gets you nowhere in life, and wastes time one could spend on loved ones or learning new skills, so let's not kid ourselves any longer.
* I've long since tired of being a wallflower, and I don't stand for myself or others being abused. Gentlemen, I'm bringing the party to you!
* The avatars around my profile are my character accounts.
* I'm in the process of losing weight. At the moment, that involves running around like an excited penguin, while looking really silly in exercise pants (and then tripping over and trying to look dignified anyway).
* I consider myself Steampunk. I love the aesthetic, I love the writing genre, I love the folksy retro-futurist air of adventure that it brings to the forefront of my mind.
* I love animals. I have a little old dog, and a family of kittens I'm sharing the job of looking after. They are such little treasures, oh my god. emotion_smilies/icon_kirakira.gif

I'll add more when I think of it.


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Can't promise this s**t's gonna interest anyone, yo.


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Old Man Vee Report | 08/01/2013 7:52 am
Old Man Vee
Teenage years were dark times for most people.

Unless it's to laugh about how ridiculous people were.
Old Man Vee Report | 08/01/2013 7:49 am
Old Man Vee
I will say that there were a lot of school shootings around that time, so I could see the legit concern.
I'm just glad they talked to me about it before simply expelling me.

It wasn't like those stupid zero tolerance policy places.
Old Man Vee Report | 08/01/2013 7:45 am
Old Man Vee
Outlets are wonderful things.
When I was in middle school, I almost got expelled because of my outlet drawings and how schools were all worried about school shootings.
But I was able to convince them that I just used my drawings as an emotional outlet, and such things helped me release such feelings in a non-violent way.
Explaining that to my mother was not so easy.

I'm not 100% on customs law, it might be perfectly okay to bring the bird, I've never left America, so I don't know.
Old Man Vee Report | 08/01/2013 7:38 am
Old Man Vee
Sounds like you live in a place that's pretty toxic to your mental health.
I hope you do make it to California, and I hope you land on your feet regardless.

Assuming you finish your training, there's always a call for mental health workers.

(This is the third time in this profile comment conversation I'm having with you, that I've gotten the captcha "live free"... It's a sign)
Old Man Vee Report | 08/01/2013 7:31 am
Old Man Vee
Mayhaps you should try and visit to get a better feel for what being in the states would be like before committing to such a leap?
You might have illusions about it that are pretty far from the truth.

I live in the cold north, so far from California that I couldn't give you any real idea of what it's like other than anecdotal bits and pieces. XD

I know that for the most part, you can't bring foreign animals to the states.
Old Man Vee Report | 08/01/2013 7:04 am
Old Man Vee
At least you wouldn't likely freeze to death. lol
Old Man Vee Report | 08/01/2013 7:00 am
Old Man Vee
I know what you mean.
Sometimes that risk is necessary to make real and lasting change.

Where in the states would you go?
(For that matter, what country do you reside in now?)
Old Man Vee Report | 08/01/2013 6:50 am
Old Man Vee
Unless you're getting paid to do it. lol
But yeah, whiny bitches will be whiny bitches. They can come to you if they have a real problem and want real advice. lol

Man, that's the thing I love about art and writing. If you love it, you will always find time for it. Even if you can't pursue it at the same lengths as you'd wish, you can always have time for some of it.
When I was younger I wanted desperately to be an artist or to be a writer, but I found work that I really enjoy doing that leaves me with enough spare time to also write and do art. I get enough money to keep a roof over my head and enough food in my belly that I can think reasonably and thus write decently, but I don't work so much that I don't have time for my other pursuits.
It's a compromise, but it's still what I love.

I think, even as a councilor, you'll always need to leave yourself time to write. Otherwise you wouldn't be any real help to your clients.

Plus, if you ever make it big, you can always quit counseling. (But then you'd lose that opportunity for all that quality character references.)
Old Man Vee Report | 08/01/2013 6:32 am
Old Man Vee
It actually sounds rather interesting. What do you intend to do after school?

Yeah, sometimes you gotta be a little dickish to get the point across, but there's really no need to be a total d**k. XD

Man, I think everyone gets to that point at some point or another, just gotta cling to the one outlet that keeps you sane. ^_^

Life gets busy and you prioritize. Can't do all the things.
Old Man Vee Report | 08/01/2013 6:22 am
Old Man Vee
Sometimes bitches just gotta be told. cool

But really, what's school for counseling like?
Working from the position of direct care with someone with developmental disabilities, I'm always curious what it's like in other positions that help individuals I might care for.

ALSO YES. I will say that I tend to get overly upset when I'm trying something that I struggle with and someone just bluntly tells me that I failed hard at it, but I also know that it's helpful to have someone who's honest enough to actually tell me.
But then I tend to surround myself with honest people because the other sort get a little intolerable. XD


'Typist' to Dr. Carswell. Which is to say, he is my character. Whiny little scamp he is.

I am a Steampunk writer with a weblog, what
I need to update that s**t, I know

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