Midnight Sledgehammer
Lulu Chuuu

We are a family<3

My name is Mary. I'm 14 years of age, bisexual, and an Atheist. I know my age may blur
my 'maturity', but I can assure you those two things above are not stages.
I love playing League of Legends. Add me: Lulu Chu
I have an amazing life and amazing friends.
I love nature and music box music. Elvis Aaron Presley is my 8th cousin on my mother's side.
My favorite color is mint green. I love pastels.
Harley Quinn is my waifu. Joker x Harley Quinn 5ever. I love both DC and Marvel. I have a
shrine of Harley Quinn and The Joker. I'll love them forever.
What else about me..
My best friends are Artemis, Caelum, Darell, Sade, Jasper, Colin, Max, Sophia, and Kalin. I am
from Texas
and wish to move to New York and open my own bakery. I want a degree in culinary and
business with fashion on the side.
I'm a writing prodigy. I was almost published at eleven years old.
I'm also a giant pervert. Deal with it.
Markiplier and Keyori are my hubbys.
Jasper is my Rengar/Draven carry, Colin is forever my husband, Sade is my Mooma, Artemis is
forever family in my heart, Caelum is forever my Goshujin-sama, Darell is my brother, Kalin
is forever cancer, and Sophia is forever my kawaii bestie.