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Aiya! Almarë, and stuffs! emotion_yatta

So much things to say, but so few words to find and express.
A billion of things pass through a mind that live filled with fantasy, wonders of an optimist way to look at the world.

A same mind that keep dreaming with stuffs even more hard do accomplish, but a stubborn part that keep believing and running after this. After all, the dreams are, most part of time, the "Special thing" that keep the humans living and striving, giving their best and showing the determination that sleep inside of each other. When we had dreams, a goal, a reason to live, we keep living to, we could even find the happiness in our lives with those dreams, and every time getting more determination to accomplish.

Personality is a point when a bit of many things mix up. In a side, shy, quiet, in a point of blush just to stare at. A personality who makes people went in "Awnnn" and a few of fingers went to poke cheek or keep petting as some fluffy thing. The feeling of burn on cheeks is something that don't leave me and maybe will keep with me forever, but I not complain, is part of a personality, is part of me.

In other side, there is a happy-go-luck part who smile, joke, play around and enjoy a good time. A side that just awake close to friends and people who makes me feel comfortable. After all, friends are the thing I most value in life. 3nodding

What I can offer? Helps with whatever is within my reach. Yes, I am a "Real Gamer", always willing to help everyone who need helps, since that ones shows sincerity and respect on theirs asks.

And plus, I can offer a true friendship. Once become a good friend of mine, will have a good, kind and loyal friendship from me emotion_c8

Besides exploring and traveling with my beloved, both we would be glad to stop our trip to help someone.

Love, friendship, kindness, funny/crazy things, that is some of the things that could wait from me.

Nice to meet you all. (/^w^)/

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Hunter X Heart Report | 05/14/2014 1:19 pm
Hunter X Heart
Hello smile I have fun playing hide-and-seek with you ^^ hope to hangout with you again soon <3
Traveling Zero Report | 02/22/2014 2:12 pm
Traveling Zero
Hiya! :3



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Traveling Zero

Drawings, pics, games, scripts, stories, friends.
Stuffs that full my life of wonders! (/^w^)/

Life is hard? sad? annoying? So, smile! Make of that life something better and enjoyable. Only us can lead the way of how our lives are being. Let's live in more optimist way, let's live more happy, let's find what make us happy! (^w^)

I'm her Kawaii :3

See the world through the eyes of a writer. Thou wilt see the mysteries behind the little things and will know cherish every little detail.

Let's just be insane and let the live guide us to a world full of wonders!! XD

Don't cares about what the others says or thinks about you. You are different, you are special, you are one of a kind.

We are the delicious Japanese food that Lukia wish! :3