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In case you were wondering. . .

Just a quick explanation for the (sometimes) long delays in my replying. I have a lot going on in my personal life right now, which is causing me a lot of stress, anxiety and depression. Sometimes it's harder to handle than other days. It's during the more stressful times that my delays happen, because I'm either busy dealing with something, or too distracted to be able to focus on my writing. This doesn't mean that I've bailed, so please don't think that. Unless I actually tell you that I'm quitting, then I haven't walked away from it. And my quitting something almost never happens. So if I don't reply for a bit, please know that I'm planning on coming back. Thanks so much to all of my wonderful friends/writing partners for having patience with me and for being there for me. You have no idea how much it means to me.

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Who, me?

Hmmm. . . perhaps I should update this a little.

Now, where to begin?

Let's start by telling you that my name is Christina, I go by Chris, though. But if you still want to call me Lucretia, that's fine. I live in Kentucky. Therefore I'm in the EST time zone, but I'm usually online at all weird hours. While I love Kentucky, I hope to one day escape to California. The California sunshine is calling my name, and I simply can't resist. xD

I tend to cuss a lot in real life, but I try to tone it down on here. I always try to be nice to people, and I can get along with anyone that's willing to get along with me. But, be warned, if you piss me off, I can turn into a b***h. Then again, who can't? I'm sarcastic, and I like to make jokes, so if you talk to me, I hope you get my sense of humor. I've been told I have more of a guy's sense of humor than a girl's, and I think it's actually pretty true.

I love animals, doesn't matter if it's a dog, cat, turtle, bird, deer, stunk, mountain lion, whatever. So if you're not an animal person, or only like certain animals, that's your decision but don't start running down pit bulls or something because it's not going to go over well, trust me. I currently have two cats, a gray and white tabby named Baby Brownie, and a black tabby named Princess Mystique. I had a cinnamon Chow Chow for ten years, but he sadly passed away on April 23, 2011. Over the years, I've had a total of 4 dogs, 6 cats, 2 birds, and 13 fish. That doesn't include the strays that I've fed and/or found good homes for.

I love to write and cook. I'm an aspiring chef, and I hope to eventually own my own restaurant. I've written short stories ever since I was eight, and still do to this day. I have tons of notebooks scattered around with millions of stories scribbled down in them. I still write in notebooks, but put about half of my stories on my computer now. I started RPGing three years ago, on another site, and have been hooked every since. I like writing all genres, but my favorite is Fantasy and Historical. I've made some really great friends by doing RPGs with them, and I wouldn't know what I'd do without them. I consider myself to be spoiled by them as well, they're all very awesome, epic writers and I feel very privileged to be able to write with them. I'm a little picky on who I write with, I refuse to work with anyone that does one liners, and I like to have a writing partner that will give me plenty to work with. I'm sorry, but I'm just done struggling to come up with stuff. My writing, cooking, and friends, are the most important things in the world to me, and I'm pretty sure I'd die without them.

I have my old, close friends that I won't change for anything, but there's always room for more friends. I like meeting new people, and getting to know them, one can never have too many friends, right?

I use to be on another site that I loved dearly, but basically those in charge of it completely ruined the site and ran me and my friends off. I came here, and I'll admit, at first I didn't use it much, but since the beginning of 2012 I've became much more regular on the site, and I plan on sticking around for quite some time.

I'm not a girly girly, and I believe that a woman can be just as strong as any man. Don't agree? That's your opinion but expect me to ever agree with you, it'll never happen. Girls, if you ever have, or ever would, take a guy's side over a girl's simply because he's a guy and you have some little crush on him, then get off my profile because we are never going to get along. I don't like when a girl turns against her friends just to take a guy's side, unless she just honestly agrees with him. Guys, if you're one of those types that likes to act all tough and macho, get gone because I don't deal with that crap and will end up taking your ego down a few notches.

Also, don't preach at me about religion. I believe in God, and there's nobody that will change that, but I don't go to church, and I don't consider myself to be any certain religion. I've had enough religion attempted to be shoved done my throat over the years, I won't listen to it anymore.

I suppose I could be called a closet romantic. I usually act like I'm not, but truly I am. I'm a sucker for a good romance book.

Now, on a little more serious note: I'm a little OCD about a couple of things. But don't worry, it's just about how I personally do things, I don't try to tell other people how to do them. I have insomnia a lot, which is why I'm always on at odd hours. I also suffer from panic attacks, and there's some days that I simply do not want to talk to anyone and just be left alone. So if I don't answer right away, it's nothing personal, and I'll get back to you soon. However, my writing helps me to relax and get through them, which is one of the reasons it's so important to me. And finally, I also have Misophonia. I would explain it, but most people that don't have it, wouldn't understand it. So, if you're curious what that is, go look it up. I have trouble trusting people, because people have a habit of abandoning me when I need them the most, even though I'm always there for them. I have some personal stuff going on in my personal life, and it's causing me a lot of anxiety and depression right now.

I think that pretty much covers everything. If there's anything else you want to know, just ask and maybe I'll answer.

Yep, that's me. ^^

My Favorites

Here are some of my favorite things. Though I'm sure there's some things that I've forgot, or possibly didn't start to like until after I made this. =P

~Some of my favorite books include: Playing With Boys by Alisha Valdes-Rodriguez, the High Heels series by Gemma Halliday, the Real Vampires series by Gerry Bartlett, the Blue Bloods series by Melissa De La Cruz, the House Of Night series by P.C. and Kristin Cast, the Twilight Sega by Stephanie Meyer, Snowed In by Rachel Hawthrone, The Best Girl and Snow Queen by Emma Harrison, The Sexiest Man In The World by Julie James, Practice Makes Perfect by Julie James, Someone Like You by Julie James and many more. Also I love pretty much anything from Julia Quinn, Jane Feather, Jo Beverly, Julie James, Lori Foster and Gemma Halliday.

*A side note: If you do not like the Twilight Sega, then that's your opinion and the more power to you, however do not rant at me about how 'horrible' it is. Everyone has different opinions, but that's doesn't mean your opinion is right or wrong, and you have no right to tell someone else that theirs is wrong. And do not compare it to Harry Potter, I'm seriously tired of hearing this. Also, I do like the Harry Potter series, but if you start trying to tell me how great it is, we're gonna have some problems.

I love my music, and I probably can't name everyone I like. I'm always listening to my MP3 Player, especially when I'm writing. My music helps me to write, and I usually have a different song I like to listen to for each character that I'm writing. I love a large variety of music, County, Rock and Pop are my favorites.

~Some of my favorite artists include: Nickelback, Evanescence, Shinedown, Luke Bryan, Jake Owen, Jason Aldean, Miranda Lambert, Blake Shelton, Reba, Carrie Underwood, Hunter Hays, Josh Turner, Katy Perry, Black Eyed Peas, Saving Jane, Saving Abel, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Maroon 5, Adele, Bruno Mars, Flo Rida, Little Big Town, The Band Perry, Lady Gaga, Kings Of Leon, LMFAO, P!nk, Nicki Minaj, Pitbull, Rihanna, Train, and many more.

*Side Note: If you don't like any of my artists, that you're opinion, and all the more power to you. But like with my books, don't rant at me about how much you don't like them.

I have a lot of movies that I love, but I tend to take awhile to getting around to seeing new ones. I don't get to the movies very often, sadly. I love all types of movies, but my absolute favorite is horror.

~Some of my favorite horror movies include: Underworld, Resident Evil, Halloween(original), Halloween 2(original), Halloween H20, Friday The 13th(original), Friday The 13th Jason Takes Manhattan, Nightmare On Elm Street, Secret Window, Sleepy Hollow, Texas Chainsaw Massacre(remake), House On Haunted Hill(original), House On Haunted Hill(remake), Exorcism Of Emily Rose, Jeepers Creepers, My Way To Hell, and many more.

~Now, my favorite non-horror movies: Coyote Ugly, Honey, Raise Your Voice, Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants, Pirates Of The Caribbean: Curse Of The Black Pearl, Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dean Man's Chest, Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End, Step-Up, Titanic, Gone With The Wind, Grease, Twilight, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn Part 1, The Dukes Of Hazzard, Mermaids, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Scooby-Doo, Garfield, Garfield: A Tale Of Two Kitties, Red Eye, Mean Girls, The Devil Wears Prada, and many more.

Ah, now my TV Shows, I love a lot of TV shows, but most of them are older shows. Due to so many great shows being cancelled without getting a fair chance, or just as they were really starting to get good, it's very rare for me to watch a show in its first season anymore, it has to be special for me to do so. And sadly, I broke my own rule and watched The Nines Lives Of Chloe King and State Of Georgia, and I'm still mourning the loss of them. =(

~My favorite tv shows include: Supernatural, Charmed, Dukes of Hazzard, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, I Love Lucy, Golden Girls, Friends, Everybody Loves Raymond, King Of Queens, Pawn Stars, That 70s Show, Roseanne, Reba, Two Guys and A Girl, Beverly Hills 90210, Dallas(original), Knots Landing, Moonlighting, Melissa and Joey, Sabrina The Teenage Witch, Clarissa Explains It All, Desperate Housewives, Gilligan's Island, The Brady Bunch, I Dream Of Jeanie, Bewitched, Happy Days, Laverne and Shirley, Keeping Up Appearances, The Addams Family, The Munsters, The Nanny, Home Improvement, House Hunters, Teen Wolf, Jersey Shore, Teen Mom, and many more.

~As for cartoons, I still love Garfield, Scooby-Doo Where Are You, Looney Tunes, the remake of Looney Tunes, SpongeBob SquarePants, Courage The Cowardly Dog, Fairly Oddparents, and several more that I'm just forgetting right now.

Moving on to sports, I'm a huge wrestling fan, I've watched WWE since I was a kid. However there was a short period of a couple of years following Eddie Gurrerro's death that I stopped watching it. Because. . . well, it simply was too sad without Eddie. But I've gotten back into watching it and now watch it every week. I use to watch TNA a lot, but I only tune in occasionally lately. I like baseball, my favorite teams are the Cleveland Indians, Cincinnati Reds, and New York Yankees. I've recently goten interested in MMA, and my current favorite MMA fighter is Jason "Mayhem" Miller. I'm not really a football fan, but I may watch a game now and then, no favorite team there.

I'm a bit of a video game nerd. My favorite game of all time is Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines. Among my other favorites is Vampire The Masquerade: Redemption, The Sims, The Sims 2, The Sims 3, Banjo-Kazooie, Banjo-Tooie, any Nancy Drew game, The Movies, Evil Under The Sun, Murder On The Orient Express, And Then There Were None, Mario Kart, any of the Mario Parties, and a lot more.

My favorite actresses are Kate Beckinsale, Angelina Jolie, Marilyn Monroe, Sarah Michelle Geller, Eliza Dushku and Meryl Streep. My favorite actors are Channing Tatum, Bruce Willis, James Marsters, Neil Patrick Harris, Nathan Fillion, Johnny Depp and Gerald Butler.

My Likes

I have a lot of likes, and a lot of dislikes. And some things that I just don't care enough about to like or dislike.


As stated above, I absolutely love to write. I'm always up for doing a new RPG and while I have my favorites, I also like to write things out of my usual comfort zone because I think it helps to make me a better writer and I like a challenge of playing something different. I like to play both girls and guys, and I'll play several guys sometimes, but I always have to have at least one girl character. Also, while I adore playing my boys, I will not be forced to play a boy and have my girl characters ignored and blown off because a girl only wants to work with a boy character. If this happens, I'll get rid of my boy character and ONLY play the girl. Also, I really hate when a girl says that she only wants to write with a boy. A good writer can play either gender, and another good writer would know this and not care the gender of their writing partner. For your information, I know plenty of girl writers that write a boy better than a real boy would. But I also happen to know plenty of guy writers that are awesome writers. See? It's about the skill of the writer, not their gender.

I love to read. I always have a book that I'm in the middle of reading, and as soon as I finish it, I move on to another one. I read a large variety of things, from horror, to romance, to historical, to fantasy, to autobiographies, and everything else there is. My favorite, however, is fantasy and historical.

I have a Blackberry Torch that I love and am never found without. It's my lifeline. =P Although, I mostly just use it for texting and the internet. When it comes to making phone calls, I don't do it that often, and usually end up muting myself or hanging up. =P

My favorite color is black, and my second favorite color is purple. I tend to dress 'goth' the majority of the time. My nails are almost always painted black, and I only wear black eye shadow. Technically, I guess I'm a goth girl, but forget the stereotypes of goths. It's just a look for me, not a lifestyle.

I like to make lists of things I need to do. It helps me to keep track and not forget anything. And yes, I'm a nerd that likes to mark something off a list as I do it and feel like I've actually accomplished something. xD

My Dislikes


There's honestly not a whole lot that I really dislike. However, there are a few things.

Bullies, I absolutely hate when someone tries to be a bully and act all intimidating and blah, blah. If you try it on me, I'll take you down a notch. If you try it on my friends, I'll rip you to shreds. And if I see you trying it to someone else, I'll let you know just how small and sad you really are.

Grammar freaks, seriously people, get over it. I get if someone is really bad it's hard to read them, but there's no reason to be rude about it. And if you go around trying to correct everyone that is clearly trying, you seriously need to get a life. I try my hardest with grammar, and if you want to start ranting about it not being good enough? You'll regret it.

People that mistreat animals. I think that one is pretty self explanatory.

People that get bored and go around on the internet and try to start fights with others. Seriously, get a life and stop trying to ruin other people's day.

Drama, do I really need to explain this one? I've dealt with enough drama, and I am now officially cutting it out of my life. If you start something with me, I'll tell you off and then ignore/block you. I'm not going to have someone annoying me and trying to ruin my day.


WOW, I can't believe you managed to read all of that! CONGRATULATIONS! Here's a cookie as a reward! smilies/icon_mrgreen.gif smilies/dramallama.gif

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mewuzumaki Report | 05/01/2015 11:25 am
Happy Birthday ^^ Hope you have an awesome day
Starrynightlily Report | 04/18/2015 2:46 pm
Hello, I would like to apologize for the same, I have been busy with school and trying to get my art business going again. Spring term ends the 30th for me and there is a month before the next term starts. I will try to catch up on my replies soon and I do have some more ideas for the event.
Starrynightlily Report | 01/27/2015 12:28 pm
Ow. Hope you feel better.
I'm okay, just very busy. I have been on a sewing and writing spree for the last couple months, but had to stop because there are now some home repair issues that need to be dealt with and my workspace is just one of the rooms that is a wreck while the construction people do their thing.
Here is a healing cupcake emotion_bandaid yum_cupcake
Starrynightlily Report | 01/26/2015 4:43 pm
Hello! 4laugh
I just wanted to check and see if everything is okay, since I have not heard from you in awhile.
Starrynightlily Report | 10/15/2014 11:30 pm
Thank you and thank you for the present oh my gosh, that was so cute! whee
TheSinOfWrath1313 Report | 10/03/2014 3:52 am
Alright, I am sorry things are still going so bad for your moms health. I do hope that there are improvements in her future. Also I am glad you will be distracting yourself with gaia (or anythng really) Cuz stressing when theres nothing to do but wait is gonna put you in the hospital. I look forward to the surprise :3 and I hope everything takes a turn for the better for you soon.
TheSinOfWrath1313 Report | 10/02/2014 4:37 pm
Hope everything is ok. Haven't heard from you in a while so I figured I would leave a comment and check for a pulse.
Starrynightlily Report | 07/08/2014 4:56 pm
Here's a cupcake yum_cupcake
mewuzumaki Report | 05/01/2014 10:46 am
shanyanguonna Report | 04/09/2014 9:41 pm
Thank you my love~ And Thank you for the gift <3


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