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"I'm half woman, half zebra...and I'm sleeping with your son!"
- God bless Trisha Goddard

"So when you say 'I' it is always the Absolute saying it. No one ever says 'I' without it being the Absolute saying it. The 'I' is always uttered by the Origin."
- A. H. Almaas, 'Facets of Unity'


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Moonlit Maria Report | 11/02/2015 2:20 pm
Moonlit Maria
Okay my little english muffin
Moonlit Maria Report | 10/30/2015 1:01 am
Moonlit Maria
Could I see pics of you
Moonlit Maria Report | 10/02/2015 12:14 pm
Moonlit Maria
accept or doom. lol
Moonlit Maria Report | 10/02/2015 12:14 pm
Moonlit Maria
I proposed to you.
Moonlit Maria Report | 08/25/2015 3:33 pm
Moonlit Maria
yeah, but they're great while they live. It's terrible to see them go because they become your family. They let you handle them and cuddle them, they run up to you. They get excited to see you. I am glad we made friends. smile
Moonlit Maria Report | 08/25/2015 3:20 pm
Moonlit Maria
Just be careful because they are prone to tumors.
Moonlit Maria Report | 08/25/2015 3:01 pm
Moonlit Maria
honestly,. I don't remember. But I know they would come when I called them. I suggest you get two of them at once.

You're absolutely welcome my friend.
Moonlit Maria Report | 08/25/2015 2:48 pm
Moonlit Maria
Rats are very intelligent. I used to keep them. They would cuddle me and my dog would lick them for hours.
Moonlit Maria Report | 08/25/2015 2:39 pm
Moonlit Maria
they love eachother deeply and are very affectionate!

Do you have any pets?
Moonlit Maria Report | 08/25/2015 2:34 pm
Moonlit Maria
I have a whippet and a ragdoll cat wooooopeeee
do you want anything?