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jodie, twenty, scotland
I waste away my days playing videogames.

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Rainbow Beba Cake Report | 05/04/2015 1:40 pm

Cute avi heart
WeepingDalek Report | 06/11/2014 4:50 pm
Thanks for your purchase!
SheCosplays Report | 01/01/2014 12:15 pm
ty heart
Hizashi_Studios Report | 05/12/2013 12:52 pm
cool avi
Hizashi_Studios Report | 05/12/2013 12:51 pm
nice avi!
kyuhyuns Report | 03/19/2013 2:15 pm
How've you been? o:
iZip Report | 11/15/2012 11:38 am
I know that feeling xD
I know Lucifer pretty well but I'm too lazy to perfect it xP
iZip Report | 11/13/2012 9:31 pm
Really? o: My first SHINee song was Sherlock xP Hello Baby was hilarious xD
Replay looks way too hard for me xDD
How far did you get?
iZip Report | 11/12/2012 9:37 pm
Ring Ding Dong is a really good one x3
And thanks xD
iZip Report | 11/07/2012 9:27 am
Atm it's Up & Down
I love Lucifer too and I'm learning the dance xD