So I see you've decided to pay me a visit? I go by many names: Luukha, Ruka, Luchah, le trap, and my most recent- Luca Cantellano. I am over 5o,ooo years old. I have seen the sun rise in east and set in the west so many times in my lie, just as I have watched the rise and fall of all civilizations around me, There are not many of my kind left in the world... We have been at odds with the humans since their creation on Earth, and we have paid dearly for it.

I was born to an elite class of dark elf, during a time when humans were no more than men that could throw a rock at their prey. We elves were the dominate race of the time, all others bowing to our knowledge and power. My father was a cruel warrior who enjoyed the hunt, and even more, the slow and agonizing kill. He would beat and hur my mother every day since the day I was born, calling her unfaithful for giving birth to me. Unlike the other dark elves, my skin was fair, and my eyes a bright gold instead of blood-red. Eventually, my mother died at the hands of my father. However, with her gone, he did what only came natural to him-- he turned his attention to me. Every night I cried out for someone- anyone... but no one ever came.

It wasn't until several hundred years later that my father finally died in battle. Because I was considered a weak, illegitimate child, the dark elf clan would rather have me service the entire army and burned alive before they would let me take my fathers place. And so, before they could come and retrieve me, I ran far far away, hoping to salvage what little this life had to offer me. Little did I know, my journey on the Earth had only just begun.

As I grew older, my body began to mature as well. I was no longer the small child that laid at my father's will. I had grown into a beautiful elf, my eyes no longer glowing with fear, but glittering with knowledge and love. I knew the pain of being hated for being born... I knew the pain of being used because of something that was never in my control. It was with this pain in my heart that I studied herbs and medicine. I would show love to those that had never known kindness. I would help those who had no where to go. I may be a blemish on society, but I would never allow someone to feel the same way I have my whole life.

Although I am male, I have been blessed with the ability to change genders on will. Many scorn me for looking the way I do, as the gender I am,... but they are the children that have been given life easily and without pain. We cannot control who we are born as. We cannot control who we are born to. This is the way life has always been, and this is the way life will always be. You can despise me for what I look like, but that will not change who I am. I will never judge based on gender, race, species, appearance, or even personality. We are who we are because of the life we have lived. Who are you to judge someone without truly knowing them?

    {character:m a l e; personality:f e m a l e}


The Life and Times of Luca Cantellano

"Dos shlu'ta'naut thir'ku dosst draeval p'los, drill dos shlu'ta detholar dosst ulin." You cannot change your past, but you can decide your future.

Luca Cantellano was born amoung the Elite of the Dark Elf clan. This journal tells the history of the Dark Elf race, the history of the Elite family, the Cantellanos, and the life story of Luca Cantellano, a young Dark Elf running from his past and s



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hello Lana. been a while! mind i add you on fb? i would be Lina Natsuko (Lina Liang) heart

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The Golden Boleyn

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The Golden Boleyn

Yeah I completely understand that...
Oh wow! Well congrats duder! I'm happy for you.
Awwwe, I know that I missed you hehe 3nodding

I'm alright. Trying to get these Revolution Midnight items xD
The Golden Boleyn

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The Golden Boleyn

OhMyGoodness hey! How are you doing?!
I haven't seen you online in a very long time.
What brought you back or was the real world too crazy for pixels lol

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Friederich von Hass

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Friederich von Hass

"I saw your art on someone's Art Request a while ago, and I was wondering if you still sold art? I love your style of men, and it's hard to find anyone that can actually draw guys on Gaia (:"

Sorry for replying late. I can't remember if I even did already anyways, but I do draw guys, and take commissions if they interest me. Please PM me if you're still interested.

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u still around?
Philharmonic Helix

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Philharmonic Helix

Oh mi gee!!!
Random comment!!
I Love your profile and avy!!! heart
You should get the spotlight!
Take care! cat_3nodding
CatFireFlame -___-

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CatFireFlame -___-

Me too, hahahah. Thanks, I find it a tad unfortunate that I don't have a volume button or a way to let people skip songs. Of course I don't need it, but you know what I mean xD Any favorite artists you discovered / recognized? >: D

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Thank you for the lovely compliment hun ♥

^ - ^