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MiniMeow Report | 01/30/2015 10:59 pm
It's probably people that din't place or people that want too..oh the drama of the arena rolleyes
MiniMeow Report | 01/30/2015 10:04 pm
That is why I stopped looking at my score through the week, it saves the stress 3nodding
MiniMeow Report | 01/30/2015 9:07 pm
No, you are wrong people think how creative you are, it's not easy to pull off the kind of avi's you make. I wouldn't try. You make all kinds of avis, most people can't.
MiniMeow Report | 01/30/2015 8:46 pm
I'm sure people go..oh look mimimeow another damn fairy....I make an avi and somehow wings go on, and it's all over, poof a fairy! You make amazing dark and creppy avis, right now we are OPP dark and light, you need to through some wings on her lol
MiniMeow Report | 01/30/2015 8:38 pm
Thank you smile another Fairy, who would have guessed?
MiniMeow Report | 01/30/2015 8:32 pm
You are looking amazing btw.. very lolita dolly <3
MiniMeow Report | 01/30/2015 8:18 pm
Very welcome! WELL I Can't wait that long. After a few eps I will tell you my final top 3, takes me a few shows to see what those bitches are really all about wink you have to tell me your top 3 too.
MiniMeow Report | 01/30/2015 7:26 pm
wah that's too long to wait, cant wait to see who they have for the guest judges either. Sending you a trade.
himarichan Report | 01/22/2015 2:36 pm
no problem, you're always so creative smile
Morbid Sailor Report | 01/22/2015 1:47 pm
Morbid Sailor
ya x3