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Anna | Eighteen | Psych Major
crotchless panties for everyone.

The one thing i can brag about is I have ahmazing friends, They're the one thing that makes me smile. I love laughing and having fun; Cause' that's how I live my life. I forgive and forget, but don't think you can take an advantage of me.I'm a lover not a fighter; But I will fight for what I love. (;
Can't survive typing without putting faces.. D:
I'm a fan of the Walking Dead,
American Horror Story and, (of course)
I'm [kinda] funny. I'm pretty tiny (Not like it matters to you..right?) . I love jokes & funny things .. If you wanna chat, then just find me in towns or message me ! I don't bite - - hopefully.

Tumblr ;; [X]
F i c k l e - Goddess

this is the waifu