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yummy_smilies/icon_strawberry.gif Hey there, my name's Stephanie. I'm probably a little older than you smilies/icon_sweatdrop.gif I am a moonie at heart (Sailor Moon fan) and love talking to new people emotion_smilies/icon_yatta.gif yummy_smilies/icon_strawberry.gif

Here are a few things about me:

-i'm 26 & Aquarius
-have a BFA in Graphic Design, minor in Fine Arts
-have 1 tattoo (my design) and used to have up to 10 piercings
-love to laugh
-like to experiment with eye makeup
-color my hair black (hate dirty blonde)
-don't expect me in heels, or with a fake tan
-into the whole manga/anime/cute japanese crap stuff (Hello Kitty)
-play pokemon and animal crossing
-don't watch sports
-a huge fan of cherry blossoms
-have a pug and a black cat
-not a religious person, although I grew up Catholic
-liberal/democrat but agree with minimal conservative views
-like how astrology and dreams play a key role in life
-might be considered a pool shark
-hate pet names

Below are my fur-babies Bailey & Chester



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Not sure what happened but I lost my birthday gifters >_<

Pauginxz (Tunnu)
Zombie Massacre x (Peachy Scarf)
Anon (Jada the Unicorn)
Divinity in Motion (DokiDoki Memories)
Kayrito (3.5m)
Miku-Marmalade (Astra Sakura Breeze)
VendettaVictim (FMAB Major Armstrong)
whynotkillmenow (Clinohumite Diamond Dog)
Intoxicated Fluffiness (Wandering Maestro)
Pauginxz (Peachy Scarf)
The Clam Anon (Light Bambi Hair)
Anon (Jade Rabbit)
"Kiken" (Xmas 2k13 Penguin Plushie)
Granny Anon (Blue Captain's Adventurer Trousers)
Anon (Dumpling the Bear & Miss Chimes)
xdeathxbyxlovex (5m)
Carefree Melodies (Peachy Scarf)
Anon (Peachy Scarf)
Rea Nez Bit (Spring Nymph)
Pauginxz (April Birthstone Streaks)
Pfefferminze (Cup of Milk)
Misaki the Cute (Stellar Wish)


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