【English & piano ver.】irony / アイロニ 【Lizz】



So Hi I'm Sera, Lumany or whatever you wanna call me
In college.
Birthday 10/12
I will never let you know my Sexual orientation Just assume I like you. <3
I married all of Cb and a few others. <3
I like almost anything.
I'm A very easy going person.
Make friends with me.
My favorite animals are Owls and Sheep.
I like you! You like me! No matter what!
You happen to hate me don't talk s**t about me, because I won't talk s**t about you, because you're wasting every bodies time.
I love you till your mean.
I Roleplay so if you want to Roleplay with me send a starter. I do any kind of Roleplay except, Fighting I don't like fighting no matter what so don't send any of that.
You have a nice butt.
Running out of things to say...
Have a good day. <3

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Lovely Little Meth Lab

I'm just an angel trying to save the world sometimes I get there late, but there are times when it's already to late.

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