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So Hi I'm Sera, Lumany or whatever you wanna call me
In college.
Birthday 10/12
I will never let you know my Sexual orientation Just assume I like you. <3
I married all of Cb and a few others. <3
I like almost anything.
I'm A very easy going person.
Make friends with me.
My favorite animals are Owls and Sheep.
I like you! You like me! No matter what!
You happen to hate me don't talk s**t about me, because I won't talk s**t about you, because you're wasting every bodies time.
I love you till your mean.
I Roleplay so if you want to Roleplay with me send a starter. I do any kind of Roleplay except, Fighting I don't like fighting no matter what so don't send any of that.
You have a nice butt.
Running out of things to say...
Have a good day. <3

My face. <3
My teacup chihuahua


Charming Adorkable Bea
Forest after dawn
Kit the Jest Maker
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Lovely Lady Lumany

I'm just an angel trying to save the world sometimes I get there late, but there are times when it's already to late.

Art by Veethree

Wings of lavender
smell as sweet.
An herb for relaxing,
she relaxes me.
Violet, so vibrant
crafted of blue and red.
A kind touch or teasing one
as gentle as a thread.
Set her wings aflutter
and her heart does the same.
Romance between races,
it isn't just a game.
With a touch so gentle
while laying down at night,
wrapped up in her lilac grace
everything will be alright.
~Poem by The False Shepherd