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Name: Just call me Yue
Age: 19

I'm mostly on mobile so I don't go to Towns unless I use the laptop. Since I'm on my third year of college, I'm always busy and online at random times. Also, I don't talk much. And I'm a shy person soooo... sweatdrop

But hey, I like talking as long as it is something I can relate to.

I like writing, rp, video games, and much more. I also like talking about mythologies, the mysteries of the world, supernatural thingies, and anime. Sometimes I draw but I suck sweatdrop

That's it, I guess...


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Beloved Kael Report | 09/17/2017 1:26 am
Beloved Kael
Yu! How are you? blaugh
Beloved Kael Report | 06/23/2017 6:51 am
Beloved Kael
Hey... What happened? C'mon, pm me cry
TH3_G1ITCH_ Report | 06/16/2017 6:05 am
Sorrie to bother you but your avi is adorable! whee
Twinkling Stargazer Report | 06/03/2017 2:45 am
Twinkling Stargazer
Hey~! How are you?
Yui Miyano Report | 05/24/2017 5:09 am
Yui Miyano
aaaaay crying but I forgive you 3nodding yeah I saw the pairing now finally hahahahah
Yui Miyano Report | 05/23/2017 2:42 am
Yui Miyano
Thanks for the chat blaugh Sooo if I have to choose, I'd pick Ryu and Yue because I'm a sucker for best friends becoming lovers rofl but I like Kael and Yue too because aaaaah >3< How dare u make me choose between them xd
rainiehe Report | 04/21/2017 9:59 am
Cucciolla Report | 04/16/2017 8:06 am
Thanks for the purchase ^^
Beloved Kael Report | 04/08/2017 8:36 am
Beloved Kael
Don't give up, love xd I'll see u on tuesday to help! see ya then!
Once Upon a Troubadour Report | 03/19/2017 4:57 am
Once Upon a Troubadour
Hello, I saw you in Towns, wanted to talk. I checked your profile, I guess you're afk a lot so... this is how I'll get your attention


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