Shedding a tear, from moments that are meant to last forever, proves you have seen true beauty in life. // If skies were painted with finger paint, Then All you would see is little bumble bees, Everywhere.// what do you want to do before you die? // you gave me everything too die with a smile all you wanted was too stay for a while. // Best things in life are free. But the way to make it seem at it's best, is if you attempt to see true beauty in it. If you let anger over come beauty, Then where is the the things you've been striving for now? Live life with a smile, the best things will come to you, then. // i plead to change my life, just before i dream and wake to realize that change is inside me.

Words, I tend to live by.

I am a furry and this is the meaning of a furry

If the true meaning of furry you wish to understand
You must think in terms of paw and not hand
You must release your mentality from society's cage
For furry prefurs no race, sex, persuasion or age

You must sort through the hype and the exploitation
Because to be furry needs no justification
It is to reach out and embrace the unknown
To be surrounded by friends and yet still be alone

It is not a gimmick or a political movement
It's nothing so pretentious as a method of improvement
It's only to seek solace in the presence of friends
For when one is furry, the search never ends

It is sometimes to be controlled by one's emotions
It is to often be unsure of depths of devotion
It is the sweet pain of impossible dreams
It is never quite as close or as far as it seems

It is feelings being known without words being spoken
It is the inevitable occasional heart being broken
It is the type of love that now seems cliche
It's experience gained from having learned the hard way

It's a smurgle, a fuzzle, a rumble or purr
It's scales and whiskers and tails and fur
It's what we are, not outside but within
It's the binding force that makes us all kin

It's a howl in greeting to friends held dear
It's a bristling growl when confronted by fear
It's a friendly lick or scritch to show that we care
It's a deep understanding, a compassion that's rare

If what it is to be furry you still don't comprehend
Then consider this advice, my curious friend
If you're willing to respect that which you don't understand
Then come take my paw and I'll take your hand

i love dr pepper


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Oh hey :3
I haven't talked to you in a LONG time! How's it going?

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Haha Thank yewwwww! heart whee I try! Your not too bad yourself wink

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Haha Thank yewwwww! heart whee I try! Your not too bad yourself wink
deadmau5 7r

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deadmau5 7r

Meh, that's alright. What's up?
deadmau5 7r

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deadmau5 7r

Whatcha mean by that...? I don't think you were ignoring me. And the devil makes people do nothing except stay on the couch and eat potato chips all day. xd

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Happy Birthday!
I hope you get everything you deserve!
the devil made you look

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the devil made you look

cool profile biggrin

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So much yellow
@ w @
I love it! xD
dead ruin1991

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dead ruin1991

thank you i made it myself, its a profile theme of a anime called Shakugan No Shana

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biggrin Hey it was nice meeting you ill see you arond