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Age: 21
Hobbies: Reading, Writing, Cosplay
Location: California
Formerly Known as: The Thirteenth Lament


Short Stories


Loud/overly talkative people
Willful ignorance
Closed mindedness
Random Friend Requests
Large groups or crowds
Holiday Parties

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All Hail Me_Sephiroth Report | 12/26/2014 9:20 am
All Hail Me_Sephiroth
But only if you do the sprawling.
All Hail Me_Sephiroth Report | 12/13/2014 5:47 pm
All Hail Me_Sephiroth
*pins a sprig of holly to uniform*
There... is this festive enough for you?
All Hail Me_Sephiroth Report | 12/07/2014 11:48 am
All Hail Me_Sephiroth
*rubs offended cheek*
My my aren't we looking festive.
Vanitilly Report | 10/30/2014 10:20 am
Thank you for the accept, Genesis
All Hail Me_Sephiroth Report | 09/15/2014 6:53 am
All Hail Me_Sephiroth
Please do not feel bad. If there is one thing I understand well it is real life getting in the way of anything and everything and it should take precedence. In all honesty we had a good run. Most rp do not last nearly as long as ours did and I truly enjoyed every moment of it. If you ever reach a point where you are able and have the want I would not be opposed to continuing our saga or starting a new chapter. Until then Genesis will remain firmly encircled in Sephiroth's arms. <3

*arms lovingly encircle the now familiar form draped in red leather*
You do realize that I refuse to allow you outside of this embrace.
*a smirk curls the corners of his mouth but affection shines clearly in his eyes*
All Hail Me_Sephiroth Report | 09/07/2014 7:54 am
All Hail Me_Sephiroth
No need to apologize I am just glad you are doing better.
I've been rather busy myself lately and I see no signs of slowing down anytime soon - unfortunately.
Take all the time you need, there is no rush.
All Hail Me_Sephiroth Report | 08/22/2014 1:38 pm
All Hail Me_Sephiroth
Sincerely hoping that you are doing alright.
Phantom Wolf of Darkness Report | 05/21/2014 6:17 pm
Phantom Wolf of Darkness
Amazing avatar =)
Clara Rosalie Elias Report | 05/21/2014 10:00 am
Clara Rosalie Elias
((Hello, I love your profile and your avi!! Genesis was my all time fave in Crisis Core smile ))
All Hail Me_Sephiroth Report | 04/20/2014 9:17 am
All Hail Me_Sephiroth
*leans in, voice low*
Is fun not synonymous with punishment?


ven if the morrow is barren of promises
Nothing shall forestall my return