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Hey guys it's Chey. I'm 21, attend college, I'm going for my Bachelors degree on Business.I'm an old school gaian,been on the site since late '08. I have gained friends and lost friends in the years I've been on here.

I'm easy to get along with for the most part. I'm on and off this account and my other two. This one so far being my current main account. My other accounts are Bitter Frosted and MicroCore. If you want you may add those accounts to keep up with me.

Feel free to follow my daily life on Instagram,Tumblr, or Twitter as well.

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Hey everyone, I'm not sure many of you will care or even read this. School is really becoming my main priority I do get on and check this site when I can. More then half the time I check this through the app. The easiest way for me to respond is by commenting on there. I have provided you with some other ways to keep up with me [my instagram, twitter, and tumblr] if you want more ways to stay in touch with me shoot me a pm and if we are close enough I might give ya another form to stay in touch, [cell number, facebook, or skype.]

Much love everyone.

Updated: 9/1/2014

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