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Happily Taken <3
Currently still attending college.
2008 Gaian.

I'm on and off this account and my other two. This one so far being my current main account. My other accounts are Bitter Frosted and MicroCore.

Feel free to follow my daily life on Instagram,Tumblr, or Twitter as well.


Much love ~ Chey

Updated 4/30/2015


Hey everyone smilies/icon_smile.gif School, working out and my job are still top priorities in my life, and soon caring for a paternless leopard gecko will be too (Look at my tumblr for more information). As of right now I do not have internet access at my house and won't have it for another week or so..... so this means I will be unavailable for the most part. Please still feel free to keep up with my life on my other social media sites. [my instagram, twitter, and tumblr].

Much love everyone.

Updated: 3/24/15



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