Hi, I'm Chii!! I'm 21, an aries, and have been on gaia since '05! I am a college student working towards her BA in English and after that I will get my credential so I can teach! On gaia, I used to run a charity, Everyone's Always Questing Something charity, until I had to close it due to school and other things requiring my attention. I'm married and have a dog and two adorable rabbits. c:
    If you want to know more about me, or just wanna talk, send a PM or comment my way! <3

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Oh alright, thank you!
Someone finally listed the wings I wanted to finish my Valentine's Day avi for later. c:

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Wait which one? I just changed. o:

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emotion_hug emotion_bigheart

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Well for a college, I think i wanna major in some type of science. Dunno what yet though.
So being absent really destroyed my grades. Failing two classes now. Super stressed.
What a great start to a new year.

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Even if I had a planner I'd still procrastinate anyway mrgreen

Yeah I think we met in 2009? Time flies by man. Sometimes I forget I'm already a sophomore in highschool. I remember when my brother was a sophomore. Now he's graduating this year. Crazy

I'm getting better but the worst thing ever happened. I have freakin allergies now. Nose kept running and clogging up during school so I had to "borrow" a tissue box. It's all good, I gave it back. I mean, sure it was half full now, but at least i gave it back c:


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Eh, I've been meaning to use a planner but i get too lazy. That's what schoolloop is for biggrin .

I think my sickness is getting worse. Body's become real sensitive and my throat feels like a** :C.

I ended up looking through my old comments again and found this:
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how old are you again? 15? x3

Well I am now sweatdrop

Also found this one:
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I Sweet Revenge I
wow ;o nice cosplaying of "L" . ♥♥♥ I like it . ^.^

Haven't changed my outfit in 4 years! Jeez!


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Haha, I think you'll be fine if you take into consideration all of what I just said.

I know that the subject doesn't really matter but I thought I'd mention it anyway since it's basically my favorite subject.

The rest of school has been great. I don't think I ever mentioned it, but I'm in dance. Dance is probably the best part of the school day, even though it's only 1st period. I used to look forward to Chem but you know how that is now emotion_8c

I slipped up a bit in my algebra 2 class and forgot to do online homework. I took a nap and woke up at 12 am when the online homework was due at 11:59. Now i have a D in that class. FFFFFFFFF-

Oh yeah, I stayed home today cause I'm sick. Missing out on school sucks cause then I'll have to make up work and tests. RIGHT, I just now remembered the chem quiz. Damn crying

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I forgot to mention this. but it's a chemistry class.

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Well the old teacher was really supportive of her students. She helped those that needed it and praised them when they got it right. That and she knew how to teach. She also wasn't a pushover. She didn't waste time going over what we already know and just slightly reviews it. She was able to quiet down the class whenever it got too loud, but occasionally allowed us to talk with our partners (we have partners) whenever we need help with a certain problem. We actually learned when she was teaching. When we do notes, she doesn't go too fast so that the class can't keep up, but also doesn't go too slow so that we'll have time left over to do what we just learned.

Meanwhile the new teacher we have is a literally a new teacher. She can't teach that well and doesn't help us. When a student asks for help, she would just ask why he/she didn't understand it and then explains it in a way that makes it even harder to understand. Granted, It was easy as hell for me, but none of the other students got what she was trying to explain to us. I had to help them myself. The new teacher is also really soft spoken and has an accent, but there's nothing that you can really do about that. The fact that she's soft spoken means she's pretty much a push over and can't control the class. We do like, nothing in that class now. We spend the whole class period going over the homework instead of learning something new. It's really unproductive. Then, after we're finally done going over the homework, she gives us an assignment that we haven't learned how to do because she spent the whole time going over freakin homework. We also have a quiz tomorrow about converting units and all that jazz, but I don't think that the class is going to do well on it because the way she teaches it is really confusing. When we're doing notes she goes really quickly and then complains why we're slow. She also doesn't go back to the previous slide to allow us to copy down what we missed. I also heard that my friend got kicked out for washing his hands when she allows us to wash our hands.

Many students have already complained about the new teacher, and she's getting reviewed tomorrow? I think. Maybe she's already gotten reviewed, but I'm not entirely sure.

Sorry if I said too much. Overall, she sucks and I want my old teacher back :C

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I regret not taking all honors classes. All my classes are too easy :C
The teacher for my favorite period also left and we got this new one that can't teach for her life crying crying crying
Oh yeah, have you gone back to teaching again? Or has school not started yet


thank you SO MUCH, anon/mule, for the loan repayment!!!!!! emotion_smilies/icon_kirakira.gif